Tanda and MYOB Essentials have a live API connection, so you can import your staff from MYOB into Tanda automatically. This article will take you through the requirements in MYOB and Tanda for integration, how to bulk import your staff into Tanda the first time and options for new staff going forward.


You will need to have the latest version of MYOB Essentials to integrate with Tanda. The former essentials platform does not have an API, and therefore cannot integrate.

The easiest way to check whether you are on the previous Essentials platform or new Essentials is by checking the URL of your MYOB dashboard.

"https://essentials.myob.com/" is for the previous version of Essentials that does not support integration

"https://app.myob.com/#/businesses" is for new Essentials which does support integration with Tanda


You’ll need to configure a few things in your MYOB file to use Tanda:

1. Timesheets are enabled:

  • Payroll Settings > General payroll information > ensure you have ticked 'Use timesheets to track employee hours' and 'Week Starts on' [enter start day]:

2. Terminated staff have been marked as Inactive:

  • Payroll > Employees > Staff Member’s profile:
  • Ensure the Inactive employee box is checked for all terminated employees:

3. All staff have a mobile phone number and/or email address: you can use staff contact details to send out information from Tanda so it's easier to have it in MYOB now so it imports automatically.

In Tanda

Add MYOB to your Tanda account by going to Compliance > Connect payroll:

In the top right corner, click on + New Payroll Integration:

Find the MYOB Essentials logo and click on it:

A pop-up will then display asking you to log in to MYOB. Enter your Email and Password that you would log in to MYOB Essentials with and click Login. Please note you will need to have Administrator level access:

Next, simply read the terms and conditions and authorise Tanda to connect to MYOB as prompted.

You'll then go back to the Integration Setup screen in Tanda and you'll see a box with MYOB.

You can click on this box to go into the Integration setup where you can configure:

  • Who the integration applies to: All staff by selecting Everyone or Default Locations and then selecting a Location.
  • You can also select how you want Tanda to handle new staff. If you have enabled to Automatically import new staff profiles, when you add a new employee to MYOB, Tanda will automatically import this within the hour. Only new employees will be imported and existing profiles updated.

If you make any changes just click Save at the bottom.

Importing Staff

In Tanda

Go to Workforce > Staff:

On the right, click on + Add Staff:

In the pop-up window, at the bottom select Import from > MYOB Essentials. Click on the MYOB box to select the integration.

Next, you'll see a bar loading to show your staff are being imported, depending on the amount of staff you have this can take a few minutes, so just stay in the screen.

Once the import has finished, you'll see a list of your staff that have been imported into Tanda.

If there are any staff in the list that shouldn't have been imported to Tanda, just click Don't Import next to their name and they won't be brought through, otherwise if it's all correct just click Complete Staff Import at the bottom:

If one or more staff didn't import and they are in MYOB, check their details in MYOB to ensure you have added them, their start date is correct, they don't have a termination date or they don't have Inactive Card ticked on their profile.

Your staff list will now show under Workforce > Staff.

Going forward, when you have a new employee you have the following options:

  • Add the employee to MYOB and if you have enabled to automatically import new staff, in your Tanda MYOB integration setup, Tanda will automatically import this employee within the hour.
  • Add the employee to MYOB and you can force this update to happen immediately by going to Workforce > Staff > Add Staff > Import from MYOB. Only new staff will be imported and existing staff updated.
  • Use Employee Onboarding: this sends the new employee a form to fill in their details and a profile will then automatically be added to MYOB and Tanda.

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