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See who edited and published a roster
See who edited and published a roster

How to view a history of roster changes, including who made the change and when it was done

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Tanda stores a history of changes made to rosters, including:

  • The history of edits to a roster

  • Who performed each action (edit, publish, delete)

  • When the action was performed

Admin permission level is required to view these histories.

Where to find the roster history

Both of the tools detailed in this article be found on your roster by navigating to Tools found in the sidebar on the lefthand side of your roster.

Roster Edit History

The edit history displays a list of actions performed, parts of the shift that have been edited, the time changes were made, and more.

The following example shows the edit history of a shift where:

  • Rick Stein has updated the shift

  • The shift is currently rostered to Julia Child

  • It was changed at 2:43pm on January 10th

  • The team has been changed from Kitchen to Cafe

Despite not being edited, the Start time of the shift has been included to identify which shift in particular was changed.

If the edit history shows a shift being created, the Previous column will not have any information populated.

If the edit history shows a shift being deleted, the data prior to being deleted will display.

Roster Snapshots (history of all published rosters)

A roster snapshot contains the history of shifts that have been published, including when they were published and who published them. If a roster is published multiple times, each additional snapshots contain the shifts which have changed since the previous publish.

To view published snapshots:

  1. Select Published Snapshots from the date dropdown beneath 'Tools For Each Roster'

  2. Select 'Download' beneath the 'Published Roster' heading to view the snapshot


How long does Tanda store the history?

Roster edit histories and roster snapshots are stored permanently, so you can always see which shifts have been edited and published to employees, and when

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