Manage account & billing details

View a breakdown of your subscription costs, access tax receipts and change your credit card and billing method

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To view the Account & Billing details for your account, go to Account & Billing under your user profile in the top right corner of the product:

Here you will be able to access:

1. Historical Invoices

Here you will find a list of your invoices which you can download by clicking on View Invoice.

The table will show you the Date, name of the charges, the amount and the option to see the invoice.

2. Current Plan and Cost:

This includes the number of End Users and the contracted number of End Users if you are on an annual plan.

The date of your next payment and any additional user surcharge.

Note: Additional surcharge applies when the number of End User profiles has surpassed those included in your annual plan.

3. Billing information:

This will include the Company name, Contact name, and e-mail address:

4. Payment Method:

This will display the name on card and the 4 last digits of the card:


How can I change my credit card details?

If you need to update or change the Credit Card that is linked to your account for payment, Account & Billing > Payment Method > Edit > Enter new CC details > Save. Once you've finished, you will return to the Account Details page where you can verify the new card details.

How can I change my payment method (From Credit Card to Direct Debit)?

To do this, please contact our billing Team by emailing The team will be happy to help you with the transition.

How can I see the End Users I am being charged for?

You can see the number of End Users on your Account & Billing. Alternatively, you can go to Workforce > Staff and find the number of End Users at the end of the page:

How can I update my annual End User count?

If you are the system administrator associated with the account for billing purposes, you can update the annual base End User count via Account & Billing > Update Annual Plan:

If you would like further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner or emailing 

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