Generally there is no need to export timesheets for salaried staff as most payroll software does not require a timesheet to calculate pay for salaried staff.

Salaried employees can still use Tanda like any other employee. The main benefits to having your salaried employees use Tanda are:

  • Accurate roster and timesheet costs for reporting in Tanda

  • Making it easier to manage leave (leave will export even if you don't export timesheets for salaried staff)

  • Recording the worked hours of salaried employees is a requirement under many awards

Payroll Setup

In your Payroll system you should have your Salaried staff setup with a recurring payment. In Xero this is done on their Pay Template by entering an Annual Salary and Hours, and in MYOB this is done through Standard Pay.

In Tanda - in the Payroll tab of the employee profile, enter the Annual Salary in the Annual Salary field:

If you’re using a Tanda Managed Award Template, on the right select the employee on the Award and select the Type as Salaried:

Note: If you pay by an EBA or with custom rules, your Account Manager will create a tag that you can use to classify Salaried staff (this during account set up), otherwise if you're creating your own rules, under Compliance > Customise your Setup > Classification Tags > Manage > scroll down at the bottom and click 'Create a new award tag'. Create a Salaried tag and then create an Award Rule with the "Do not export this to Payroll" option selected at the bottom.


Salaried staff will have a Timesheet generated similar to other staff when they clock-in, however Tanda won’t export the timesheet to your Payroll & Accounting system.

You can still approve their timesheet, but they won’t be included when you export timesheets at the end of the pay period.


You can set how Tanda costs Salaried staff, by employee or account-wide:

You can set the default for your Tanda account for salaried staff in Settings (cog wheel icon) > Settings > General tab > Show Advanced Settings:

If you made any changes just click Update Settings at the bottom. 

Costing in Timesheets and Reports

Setting the employee or account-wide expected hours then defines how Tanda costs your Salaried staff on Timesheets and Reports.

An employee on $80,000 a year will be paid $1,538.46 a week. If you have set their expected hours as 35 hours a week, if they work 35 hours or more in the week, their Timesheet and Reports will show a cost of $1,538.46.

In the example above, the employee worked 37.5 hours, so their Cost remains the same as it's above the expected.

If they worked 30 hours (so less than expected), their Salary cost would pro-rata. This is because if a Salaried employee works less than their expected hours, you would expect this missing time to be allocated to Leave. 

When we then enter Leave, the Total Cost is then back to the employee's normal Salaried amount:

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