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Xero (AUS): Importing Staff
Xero (AUS): Importing Staff

Automatically import your staff from Xero to Tanda

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To import your existing employees from Xero to Tanda, follow the steps in this article.

When you hire new employees, you can add them directly to Tanda using Tanda Employee Onboarding. For more information on Tanda onboarding, see Employee Onboarding.

Before you import staff from Xero

In Xero, you will require the Payroll Admin permission level. For details on how to check, see Xero's guide 'Assign or remove payroll admin access for a user'

1. Complete staff details in Xero.

Tanda imports only the employee details that are important to using Tanda. To save time, it's a good idea to check that you have completed the basic details for employees in Xero before importing your staff. This includes:

  • Email (this is what employees will use to access the mobile app)

  • Date of birth (this is used to automate the correct pay rates)

  • Mobile number (useful for managers to be able to contact employees)

2. Activate the Xero integration in Tanda

  • In Tanda, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Payroll Integrations 

  • Click + New Payroll Integration

  • Click Xero from the list of available integrations, then click Connect to Xero

  • A pop-up will then display asking you to login to Xero (if you're already logged into Xero in another tab, you'll go straight to the authorized screen).

  • Enter your login details for Xero and click Login:

  • Confirm the correct file has been linked and then click Allow access:

Importing Staff

To bulk import staff from Xero:

  • In Tanda, navigate to Workforce > Staff

  • Click + Add Staff (located in the top right of the staff page)

  • Select Import from > Xero Australia

  • Select the Xero organisation name to select the integration. If you only have one Xero file integrated to Tanda, you will only see one option

  • A list of your staff available for import will appear. To remove any employee profiles you don't want to import, click Don't Import.

  • Click Complete Staff Import

Your staff will now show under Workforce > Staff

How to add new employees after your first import

When you employ new staff you have the following options:

  • Employee Onboarding is the fastest way to hire a new employee and collect their required payroll details. Tanda sends the new employee an onboarding form to fill in their details employment details. Once completed, Tanda automatically generates a new employee profile in Xero

  • Add the employee to Xero, and then import to Tanda. This can be done automatically by setting your Xero integration settings in Tanda to 'automatically import new staff profiles', or you can do this manually by following the steps in this guide again

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