All filters and options are now more organized since everything you need will be on the left side of your screen. 

Roster Stats

You can get the total figures for each location by clicking the drop-down option at the very top of your screen (left side). Choose a location > click the arrow on the right side of the total hours > customize the roster stats you want to see:

Quick Build

In this option, you can access your templates and copy your shifts.

For your Templates, a window will pop-up > it will show you a list of your existing templates you can choose from > apply the template to the current week :

You also have the option to save the current week as your template  or make changes.

For Copying Shifts, same with templates, a window will pop-up where you can see 2 calendar icons: choosing the dates where the shifts will be coming from and when will the shifts be copied to. You can also choose which shifts will be copied to the chosen pay period.

For Roster Patterns, you will create what should be the workflow of the business in terms of scheduling. You can create a pattern where there will be 2 RDOs in between the week and assign in to a specific staff or team.

Like the roster templates, you can add as many patterns as you need.


Creating events to include with the rosters is a great way to inform your staff. To add an event to the list, click +Add event > Applies to: choose for which location > choose which dates will cover the event > add the name. Public Holiday will also be included in the list of events for the selected pay period.

Note: Discouraging staff to take time off is optional. If an employee happens to apply for time off on the day of the event, a warning sign will come up but will not reject the request.


In this section, you can print your roster, highlight the shifts that contains errors (so you can fix them before printing/publishing), delete all shifts, create timesheets, etc.

Note: Locking of Roster is available for those who have admin access only. Other permission levels below admin can only make changes by adding shifts to that specific week but editing or deleting the existing ones are not possible.

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