Powered by Amazon Rekognition, facial detection will alert you to clock-in and clock-out photos where a face cannot be detected or it appears to be a different employee. When these abnormalities are detected, a red exclamation mark will appear on the timesheet for Admins and Managers to investigate further. 

Facial detection is an opt-in feature of Tanda. To learn more or enable facial detection, please get in touch with the team via live chat or support@tanda.co. 

Set up is easy and simple. Once you've opted in, the software will utilize past time clock photos to analyze new clock in's. No photo upload is necessary making it simple and easy to get facial detection/recognition up and running in a snap. 

Amazon Facial Rekognition works by using the geometry of an employees face to develop a similarity match score. If this score is too low, Tanda will notify the Admin or Manager that is reviewing the photo from time sheet. Pictures aren't stored, but rather the geometric distance between primary facial features are stored and used to calculate similarity. If you wish to read up on the AWS Data Privacy statement, you can do so here, and if you have any question feel free to chat with our team. 

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