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Template vs Creating Rules

The difference between using a Tanda template and creating your own rules

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There are a few options for how you can manage compliance in Tanda:

  • Enable a modern award template

  • Create your own custom rules

  • Use a combination of template and custom rules

Tanda Templates

Templates are a set of rules and allowances created and maintained by the Compliance team at Tanda. A list of templates available in your region can be found at

For Australian users, templates are created according to modern award documents produced by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Once you've entered a staff member's classification and age, Tanda will calculate the staff member's rates and pay conditions and update these as changes are made by Fair Work, including birthdays and EOFY wage increases. 

Custom Rules and allowances

If you pay staff according to an enterprise agreement or outside of a Tanda template, you can classify them as being on a 'custom setup' and create rules and allowances to accomodate this agreement. The Tanda engine is built to handle a range of complex conditions. Check out this article for the best practice for creating custom rules.

Unlike templates that are managed by Tanda, you will need to manually maintain and update custom builds as required. 

Template and Custom Rules

In addition to having some staff on template or on a custom setup, you may have staff who need a combination of the two in that they have additional requirements or conditions that defer from the award. To ensure the quality of Tanda templates, conditions built into the template can not be changed or removed. However, in this situation, you can classify staff on a template and then create custom rules or allowances that add to the template.

While these conditions are linked to template, they are custom conditions that will need to be manually maintained and updated as required.


- I can't see my award on the list of templates. Can you create this award as a template for me?
Templates are quite resource intensive; they require the award to be built out in full, able to be integrated with all payroll integrations, and maintained going forward.  As a result, templates are built based on demand from users. You can suggest a template at

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