The Platform

Custom Fields and Custom Objects: Define what the future of your workplace will look like.

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What is The Platform?

The Platform lets you extensively customise your workflow on Tanda. You can create new ways of storing information so you and your team are always fully-informed.

Whether you are gathering extra employee details, putting reminders on shifts, or labelling your teams, shape The Platform into the best data management tool for your organisation.

The Platform is made of two parts: Custom Fields and Custom Objects.

How to get to the platform:

Platform Templates

Platform Templates contains pre-built customisations the Tanda team have created which you can load into your account.

Custom Objects

You can create a custom object in your account and it will become available in your Workforce menu drop-down. An example of an account with a number of custom objects loaded is below.

As you add objects to your account they will become visible in the Platform Objects box, from there you can view / edit / delete the objects.

Customise Native Objects

An Object is any part of Tanda that can contain information. 

As an example Shifts, Employees, and Locations are kinds of objects. Every shift has fields (and links to other objects) like a time, date, employee name, team, and location. Every Employee Profile has a name, the pay details, qualifications, and so on.

With The Platform, you can customise native objects by adding extra fields of information to them, and also create your own object -- which can contain any piece of information you need. As mentioned earlier our objects templates are a good point to start to see how this can work.

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