Custom Fields is a powerful, fully-customisable feature that enables you to create your own forms and collect a variety of data not supported by our default forms. You can use it to label shifts, employees, teams, or create your own separate form.

How to create your own Custom Fields

  1. Go to ⚙︎ > Custom Fields
  2. Choose whether to assign it to the Employee Profile, Shifts, or Teams by clicking on the appropriate tab.
  3. Create your fields by filling out the Name and Type fields.
  4. Choose the data type this field will collect. Supported types are text, date, number, and yes/no questions.

You can create Custom Fields in various ways, as illustrated below:

Employee Tab

All fields here will appear on the Employee Profile under the Additional tab. 

This is how it will appear on the employee profile:

Shift Tab

Fields here work exactly the same as the Employee tab, only they appear on shift cards. Create your own by clicking on the Shift tab:

This is how it will appear on the shift. Note that this is only available on Rosters Overview, not Rosters:

Team Tab

Fields here work exactly the same as the Employee and Shift tab, only they appear on Team pages (below).

Advanced: Unattached Custom Fields

These serve as a stand-alone form that is not attached to shifts, employees, or teams. It can collect any type of information you need.

  1. For example, we can create an Unattached Custom Field named Customer Profile to capture your customers' information. Set it up as such:

2. These appear under the Workforce tab as a new item.

3. The fields you have set up appear as an entirely new form.

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