If you have staff who primarily work at one business but occasionally work shifts at another business (each with separate payroll files) this guide will explain how we recommend you manage this in your Tanda account.

You have two options:

  1. Option A - You have two completely separate Tanda accounts.  
  2. Option B - You have both businesses within the same Tanda account setup as different locations

Option A - Separate Accounts

If you have separate accounts the best method is to simply create a staff profile for that employee in each account. This employee should be given the same email address, phone number etc. in both accounts.

When staff log in to the Tanda mobile app to view their rosters or apply for leave they will only need to have one account (this is reliant on you using the same email address for the employee on both profiles). The employee will have an option to view their shifts from each business and when they apply for leave they will have the option to select which businesses they are applying for leave at. This keeps things simple for employees.

The image below shows an employee who works for two separate businesses, clicking on passcode reveals the passcodes at each location (these can be made exactly the same if required).

When it comes time to pay staff you can simply export their timesheets and pay them for the hours worked at each business seperately.

The limitation of this option is on rosters, because you have separate Tanda accounts you won’t be able to see if staff are already rostered at the other location. Therefore if you are sharing staff be sure to communicate with their other manager to ensure they don’t get rostered twice. 

Option B - Shared account with multiple locations

The second method is to have both businesses in the same Tanda account each as separate locations. This option makes rostering easier because managers can easily see if staff have already been rostered at another location however payroll will be more involved.

The first thing you will need to do is set up multiple payroll integrations for each business and set the default location as the correct location for the business.

Ensure staff have default teams setup on their profiles and ensure this team belongs to their correct default location.

Important note: When staff timesheets are exported to the payroll integration that matches their default location regardless of how many shifts they work in each. Timesheets will not be split up and exported separately (3 shifts to one and 3 shifts to another), they will only ever export in full to one location.

How this works

  • Ben works across Gold Coast and Brisbane but his default location in Brisbane.
  • He works 4 shifts in Brisbane and 1 in the gold coast
  • When his timesheet exports it will be sent to his default location Brisbane. 

Payroll then must use reports to consolidate costs between businesses, Tanda does not provide support for this please your bookkeeper or accountant. 

If you currently have separate Tanda accounts but wish to combine them please contact support and we can advise the best way to do this.

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