Shift acceptance allows managers to publish shifts to employees confirm or decline their able to work the shift. It is particularly useful for:

  • Stipulations around part-time contract hours where staff need to agree to their contract hours and then any changes outside of those hours.
  • Seasonal or fluctuating industries where shifts aren’t as frequent and tend to vary.

Enable Shift Acceptance

To enable shift acceptance:

  1. Navigate to Feature Management, under the user menu of an Account Admin. 
  2. Toggle shift acceptance to 'On'.

Request Shifts be Accepted

Once shift acceptance is enabled by an Account Admin, managers will see an option to 'require staff to accept their shifts' when publishing a schedule. 

Once published, employees with shifts requiring acceptance will be asked to do so in the mobile app. Employees can accept or decline a shift. If declining a shift, they will be presented with an estimated loss of wages.

Manage Shift Acceptance

Managers will receive a daily summary of all shifts that have been accepted or declined. If the shift starts within the next 24 hours, the manager will be emailed immediately.

To view the status of all shifts requiring acceptance:

  1. Navigate to the relevant schedule.
  2. Select Tools from the schedule side bar. 
  3. Click on the schedule date in the side to expand tool options.
  4. Click Shift Acceptance.

A summary of shift acceptance is also logged against the employee profile. To view an employee's history of shift acceptance:

  1. Navigate to Staff, under Workforce in the main navigation bar.
  2. Select the relevant staff member.
  3. Click Schedules (may be Rosters or Rotas depending on the account locale). 

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