Please Note: Shift acceptance is an additional feature and must be switched on in your account via the Feature Management section.

What is shift acceptance?

Shift acceptance allows managers to publish shifts to staff and have them confirm by accepting or declining each shift.

When you might need shift acceptance?

  • In Australia, many awards and EBAs include stipulations around part-time contract hours, staff need to agree to their contract hours and then any changes outside of those hours require written consent. Essentially, managers need staff to confirm the change before locking it in and keep a record of this. Shift acceptance offers a simple way in Tanda to manage the communication of these changes with staff and keeps a record of their responses.
    Note we are continuing to improve how shift acceptance works for Part Time staff to ensure mutual agreement is received and overtime is applied correctly. If this functionality interests you, please email for updates.
  • In seasonal or fluctuating industries like catering or events where shifts aren’t as frequent managers want staff to accept and confirm their shifts to give managers a greater sense of security and confidence that they will actually show up for work. 
  • In the US some states have fair workweek legislation which requires managers to get written consent when changing or adding shifts within two weeks of their commencement. This is to ensure shift changes aren’t just forced onto staff making them suddenly change their lives around at the last minute just because the business needs have changed. Examples cited are childcare or babysitting which often need to be organised in advance.

How shift acceptance works

Publishing shifts for acceptance
A manager first needs to create shifts and assign staff to those shifts, then publish the roster.

If the manager chooses to publish the roster via the mobile app only, shifts will only be able to be accepted or declined via the mobile app.

If the manager chooses to publish the roster via email as well, the employee will also receive an email prompting them to complete shift acceptance via desktop.

A tick box will appear above the publish button, you must make sure this is ticked:

If you only want to require acceptance on some shifts but not all you can publish the roster in batches by filtering to teams before sending the roster or using the filtering options in step 2 on the publish page.

Staff accepting/declining shifts - Mobile App
Once the shifts have been published, when employees open their roster they will see a message letting them know they need to accept their shifts. 

If the employee chooses to decline a shift, they will be presented with an estimated loss of wages for the shift.

Staff accepting/declining shifts - Email and desktop

If the manager selected 'Email' when publishing shifts, staff will receive an email letting them know they need to accept their shifts. Staff will still be able to accept/decline shifts via the mobile app if managers select this option.

Clicking on the confirm shifts button will take staff to a page where each shift is listed out:

Reviewing and reporting on accepted/declined shifts

Managers will receive a daily summary of all shifts that have been accepted or declined within the last 24 hours. This is grouped by location and roster week.

If the shift has starts within the next 24 hours, the manager will be emailed immediately. This is so they can reassign the shift or contact the employee (if it was declined), or be sure that the employee will show up for their shift (if it was accepted). 

A summary of shift acceptance selections will also be listed on the staff profile. Go to Workforce > Staff > Select the staff and open their profile > click the 'Rosters' option on the left side:

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