Cost Reports in Tanda help you to see wage costs by different business segments to help you make more informed decisions about your staff.

The different Reports are found under Reports > Cost Timelines > selecting the relevant option:

  • Not all Reports will be visible or populate data if you don't have Locations, Teams or Award tags in your account.

  • Also note that in reports if you see No Cost Centre, it means an employee or timesheet hasn't been populated to generate this data. Check the employee's profile or timesheet to make sure they have been categorised and their timesheet teams and/or award tags selected. No Cost Centre might also display if you have custom rules in your account and the Tags used to categorise staff don't fit into normal classifications. 


Real Wage Cost Report

Real Wage Cost shows your total for your pay period including Oncosts such as Superannuation, Workcover and Leave.

Costs by Employee Report

Costs by Employee allows you to view staff gross wages for the pay period and their total hours and allowances. This is a useful report for cross checking what has imported into your Payroll system. 

Costs by Employee's Default Team Report

Costs by Employee's Default Team helps you compare team wage costs. The default team is the one on Timesheets where a team was not specified on the roster. This is set on the staff profile Personal tab. If there is an amount that isn't allocate to a Team, this means some employee’s haven’t had their default Team set. It might be as they work in more than on Team. In order for this report to run accurately, you need to ensure every staff member has a default Team set.

Costs by Employment Level Report

Costs by Employment Level allows you to view the wage cost by Award Employment Level. This report will only be available if you have a Tanda Managed Award Template on your account.

Costs by Wage Rate Report

Costs by Wage Rate will help you break down the costs for different award rules in your account. You can use it to see the total overtime figure per pay period. 

Costs by Shift Team Report

Costs by Shift Team allows you to view wage costs of the Team applied to individual timesheet shifts. If you see No Team on the report, this means a field has been left blank on a timesheet. You can click on this to see who it relates to and then check their Timesheet.

Costs by Shift Award Tag Report

The Costs by Shift Award Tag groups information from the second tag on the Timesheet, such as Higher Duties.  

Report Features

Comparing Timesheets and Rosters

You can chose to compare Timesheets from a different period or with Roster from the same period by clicking the Compare With: drop-down under the Report heading:

Including Oncosts

Apart from the Real Wage Cost Report, on the other reports you can choose if you want to include super, workcover and Leave accrual costs in the report. Click on Include Oncosts and select Yes, otherwise select No:

Choosing your Date Range

To select which time periods is included in the report click the calendar drop-down box directly above the graph and select a pay period from the menu on the right, or select a custom date range from the calendars provided. If you're comparing against another Timesheet period, you can select this in the calendar above the second column.

Filtering your Results

You can filter your report by Qualifications, Teams, Award Tags, Permissions, Award and Shift Team by clicking the relevant option above the graph and selecting the option to filter by:

Loading, Saving and Exporting Reports

Use the Email, Download or Print buttons in the top right corner:

Or if you've applied some filters and want to save this, you can click on Load/Save Reports and give the report a name so you can easily bring it back up next time:

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