Dashboard: Our Time Clocks and Who's using Tanda
For Admins to see Time Clock Status and Manager activity
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The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you login to Tanda and a great way to see what's happening in your business. You can always find your way back here by clicking on Dashboard in the header of your account:

The Dashboard contains mini boards or widgets which contains different information, links or activities to help you get the most of out Tanda. The Our Time Clocks and Who's using Tanda widgets are a great way for Admins to see key data about their account. Other users won't be able to see these widgets, as it is only Admin level permission information.

Our Time Clocks

The Time Clocks widget displays the Time Clocks linked to your account:

The Status of the Time Clock is very important as only an Online Time Clock can send through clock-in data to Timesheets. 

If your Time Clock isn't being used it might show as orange (as in the example above), that's okay provided no one is using it, however if it shows as Offline then you need to look at whether it is switched off or has been disconnected. 

Have a read of the Time Clock Troubleshooting article if your Time Clock is Offline.


  • You can click the blue plus icon next to the heading name to add a new Time Clock to your account.

  • Click on Manage in the top right corner to see a full list of your active and returned Time Clocks. This is where you can edit the Nickname and Location linked to the Time Clock. You can also click on Clock-ins at the end of each row to go to the Clock-in Stream, which is a list of every clock-in on that particular Time Clock.

  • You can also click on an individual Time Clock Nickname to go to the Clock-in Stream.

Who's Using Tanda?

This widget shows Admins when a user last logged in to Tanda. This doesn't include clock-ins from the Time Clock, it is only for users with an Admin, Payroll, General and Team Manager login to Tanda.

Users are broken up into Key people and Team Managers and the list is accessed by clicking on the relevant tab. The last logged in time is flagged as green for current, orange for aging or red for more than a month ago or never:

You can click on a user's name to go into their profile, if you need to change their permission or deactivate their profile as they have left. 

Moving Widgets

If you want to move where this widget sits on your Dashboard, hover over the heading until you see the 4-arrows and then click and drag to the new location. Widgets can't be minimised or deleted. 

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