Exporting: Timesheet Custom Export Dates
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In Tanda, you can enable the Custom Export Dates feature which allows you to select, view and export an alternative date range of Timesheets.

This can be useful for:

  • Monthly and Quarterly payruns

  • When you're switching dates on your payrun

  • End of year if you want to only pay one week of a fortnight

Just keep in mind though this may not work with your Accounting & Payroll system, for example if you have a Weekly Pay Calendar and you're trying to export a Fortnight of Timesheets. You do have the option to export an Excel document though.

First, you have to enable this by going to:

Settings > All Settings > Timesheets > Custom Export Dates

You can check it out by going to Timesheets > Weekly (or Fortnightly) > Preview & Export

On the timesheet summary page, use the filters to select the timesheets you would like to export.

Please note the date filter here doesn't determine the final export period. You will get to set the custom date range for export at the next step once you click on the Preview & Export.

On the Timesheet Export Preview page, click on the date picker to select the period you want:

The Timesheets should update below to reflect all staff included in this range. From here you can then click on Export to Payroll Software or Excel Summary:

Note: If you receive an error, it may be that your system can't accept pay periods outside your normal range. In this case you could manually enter for this exception, by using the Excel Summary.

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