The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you login to your My Tanda account, therefore it is there to give you an overview of your most important information all in one place. 

The Dashboard features a variety of widgets to give you better oversight of daily targets and help you decide what to work on. You can also view employee attendance to see who’s working right now, as well as upcoming and completed shifts.

Depending on your role, the Tanda Dashboard customises its view to suit you, helping Admins to manage Time Clocks and key staff.

You can customise your Dashboard at any time by clicking and dragging Widgets to reposition them.

What Should I Work On?

The ‘What Should I Work On’ widget is a task list that will remind you about tasks that need to be completed. If an employee forgets to sign out, timesheets that need approval or upcoming rosters that need to be created, this widget will help you keep your payroll running smoothly.

Note: As this list is created by Tanda to alert you of important tasks to complete, some unwanted tasks may repeatedly occur. If this happens, please contact support.

Who’s In Today

The ‘Who’s In Today’ widget gives you a live attendance view showing you which employees are at work right now. You can also see upcoming and completed shifts as well as people who are absent, early or late for work:

If you need more information about an employee, click on their name to the Team they are rostered in.

To filter this information by Team, click on the ‘All Teams' drop-down.

Live Time Clock Feed

The Live Time Clock Feed widget shows you recent clock-ins and lets you filter by name and Team.

Using the Live Time Clock Feed you can easily check for recent clock-ins by making sure the ‘in’ check box is ticked and leaving the ‘out’ check box unticked. If you needed to search for recent clock-outs at the end of the day, click the ‘out’ check box and leave the ‘in’ check box unticked.

Weekly Planner

The Weekly Planner widget helps you to manage wage costs by giving quick access to roster and timesheet costs and the difference between (variance). The variance is an indicator of whether or not your staff have followed the roster. As a general rule, this figure should be as close to zero as possible. If you need more detailed information about your wage costs, you can generate a wage cost report by clicking ‘Detailed Report’. 

Point of Sale Integration
For customers who have connected a POS (Point of Sale) system, actual and projected revenue figures will automatically populate the Weekly Planner. If your organisation doesn't have a POS system or it isn't integrated with Tanda, you're still be able to manually enter revenue data for each day. To get your POS integrated with Tanda please contact us

There are multiple filtering options available to view the wage cost information in a few different ways. To see wages for a particular team, click the dropdown menu at the top right and select a team. We've also included a 3 week time horizon to choose from on the left adjacent dropdown menu. 

Total Cost Breakdown

The variance figure provides a tooltip which displays exact wage cost figures and the total hours for that day. The on-costs such as allowances and paid leave have been excluded from this variance calculation.


The revenue figure is an indicator of the total sales earned in a day, this value is used to calculate the Wage Percentage of Revenue. It provides a tooltip to show projected and actual values including the time horizon of the projection figure.

Wage Percentage of Revenue

The Wage Percentage of Revenue figure is an indicator of the amount of revenue which is lost to wages. The tooltip displays the projected and actual values in comparison.

Our Time Clocks

The Our Time Clocks widget shows you the status of your time clocks and lets you know when Tanda last heard from them. To check on clock in’s for a time clock, click on the time clock name to see the clock in stream. For more detailed information about your time clocks, click the ‘manage’ link.

Who’s Using Tanda

The Who’s Using Tanda widget gives you an overview of managers and their most recent clock-ins filtered by their permission level. This view can show you key people and department managers by clicking on the tabs at the top of the widget.

Removing Widgets

Note: This is currently not possible. However, as more widgets are added to the dashboard, the ability to add & remove widgets will be added to the Tanda Dashboard.

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