Please note: For Australian QuickBooks users, the payroll component is powered by KeyPay, so this guide refers to both QuickBooks and KeyPay when connecting the integration.

Connecting Tanda and QuickBooks / KeyPay

Add Quickbooks Online (AUS) to your Tanda account by going to Settings > Integrations > Payroll Integrations > New Payroll Integration and select Quickbooks AUS:

You'll need to fill in a few details from your Quickbooks / KeyPay account to successfully connect the account, including ABN and API key.

You can find your API key at QuickBooks Online > Employees > Payroll Settings > My Account.

If you have more than one business in your QuickBooks / KeyPay account, you'll also need to enter the KeyPay Business name in Tanda, ensuring you enter the name exactly as it appears in QuickBooks. Your Business Name can be found in Quickbooks under Company Settings or Account and Settings.

Payroll Configuration

Tanda sends data through to QuickBooks via Timesheets. So we need to ensure:

  1. Employees have External IDs in QuickBooks and these have been entered on their Tanda profile under Payroll > Payroll ID. 

  2. Employees are setup for Timesheets by selecting 'Uses Timesheets' on each employee's profile, under the Employment Details tab. 

  3. We've mapped Award rules and Leave Types in Tanda (under the Compliance tab) to Work Types in QuickBooks (Payroll Settings > Work Types).


In Tanda, approve timesheets > click Preview & Export > followed by Export to Payroll Software:

Then, in QuickBooks, you'll be required to approve timesheets again. However, as you've already done this in Tanda, all you need to do is Approve All. To Approve All, head to Employees > Manage Employees > Approve Timesheets and click 'Approve X timesheets'.

Next, head to Pay Runs and add a new pay run. Enter the pay run dates so they match your pay run in Tanda and ensure you've opted to import timesheets for this pay run. Then click 'Create'. You should then see the timesheets for Tanda in QuickBooks. 

Once you've got a pay run with timesheets imported, you've completed the export from Tanda. From here you can process payroll as you usually would in QuickBooks. 

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