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Report on checklist completion
Report on checklist completion

See which tasks are being missed, find when a task was last completed, and more.

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This feature is available for users on the Tanda HR plan.

Access the checklist dashboard

After you have created a checklist, employees can start completing items. Use the checklist Dashboard to view details of the checklist, completion percentage, and view reports.

To access, navigate to Operations > Checklists > Dashboard.

On this page, checklists will be grouped by locations. Each checklist contains the following details:

  • Name

  • Completion status (either Not Started, Completed, or Inactive)

    • If started, the percentage completed will also appear

  • Team

  • Due time and days

  • Number of items

  • Time the checklist was last updated

  • Access to View Report

View reports

A summary of each checklist can be accessed through the View Report buttons, and includes:

  • Item names

  • Type of task

  • Section for each item

  • Completion details for each day of the selected week

Select date range

Reports will generate for the current week by default. The date range can be adjusted with the date selector, and will show the Monday - Sunday week that the selected date falls in.

For example, selecting 27 June will show a report for the Monday to Sunday week of

26 June - 2 July.

Completed items

When items are marked as complete, the report will show:

  • A green tick

  • The time the item was completed

  • The employee who completed the item

View comments

Staff may also leave a comment when completing an item. These will show as red speech bubbles on the relevant item.

View photos

When items are marked as Photo types, staff need to upload an image to complete them. These images can be accessed in the report by clicking the View Photo button.


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