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Wagestream Integration

Connecting Tanda to Wagestream

Updated over a week ago

Tanda has an integration with Earned Wage Access and Employee Benefits platform Wagestream.

When connected Wagestream will see how many hours have been worked by your employees via approved timesheet data, allowing them to access wages early.

Wagestream will provision and manage the integration for you when implementing the solution. They will require you to issue an API token to access your Tanda account.

Head to and click + New Token in the top right (you will need to be an account admin to do this).

You will need to select the scopes timesheet, cost and user. Once these are checked, press Save Token.

Once the token is saved you can copy the token code into an email to your Wagestream implementation consultant and they will be able to do the rest.

Contact if you need assistance with the integration once setup.

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