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Integrating with your Revel POS system

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Tanda has a direct integration to Revel, which will pull in your total revenue and transaction counts from your venue as a whole.

Setting up your Revel Integration

Head to Settings > Integrations in the top right of Tanda.

Once in integration setting you will want to head to POS Integrations on the left.

In the top right you will see the + New POS Integration button in green. Hit this, and start searching for Revel in the search bar.

Click the Revel tile and and then the green button Connect to Revel.

You will now have to enter some details that Revel will need to provide you with to connect the systems (if you dont already have them):

Once you have the details be really careful entering the Revel URL. You only want to copy and paste in the bold section of the example URL below i.e. your venue name section:

If you don't cut off the http:// and the integration won't connect and you will get an error. Once connected successfully you can download the last 30 days of sales data by clicking the Import data from last 30 days button when in the integration settings.

When data is flowing, you will want to link it to your teams and locations to report against the right areas - check out this guide for more info on this:

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