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How Tanda and intelliHR integrate with each other

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intelliHR is a people management and analytics software that maintains HR records and workflows.

intelliHR has built a custom integration layer that is available for users of TANDA & intelliHR to utilise. The integration takes new hires in intelliHR and creates a new employee in TANDA.

What will the integration do?

✅ When a new job (new hire) is created in intelliHR, a new employee is automatically created in TANDA.

✅ An invitation can be initiated to complete Tanda onboarding.

✅ When a person or job is updated in intelliHR, the associated TANDA user will automatically be updated (limited fields as per Data Mapping section below).

Optional inclusion: When TANDA paperless onboarding is completed, data from the onboarding such as bank details and superannuation account details can be consumed by intelliHR as a custom field.


Out of Scope (Won't Do's)

🚫 No updates in the TANDA platform to the employee's profile will push back to intelliHR.

Flow of Events

① A new employee is hired by the business and as such a new person and job is added to the intelliHR platform with all of their appropriate personal and job details. (Either manually added or facilitated by an integration from the businesses Applicant Tracking System platform to intelliHR).

② Upon creating the new job, the integration catches the person and job details associated with the new employee and sends specific fields/data across to the connected TANDA system. (See the Data Mapping section below for an idea as to which fields are passed through).

③ When TANDA receives the data, it proceeds to automatically create a new user profile for the employee, plotting the data received by intelliHR into their profile. Specifically, the "Personal" and "Payroll" tabs of their profile.



④ TANDA will then take the opportunity to automatically engage with the new user that's been added by automating an email invitation for the new user to complete their TANDA onboarding.


⑤ Upon completing the onboarding documentation and tasks, there is the option of adding in additional automation to the integration whereby specific pieces of data (such as bank details, superannuation and tax information) can be parsed back to the employee's intelliHR record. In this case, the data would be represented on the intelliHR record as custom fields.

⑥ At this point, the initial integration data flow has run its course. However, intelliHR will continue to push updates to the employee's personal and job information in intelliHR through to TANDA.

Data Mapping

Below is a list of fields that can be pushed from intelliHR to TANDA via the custom layered integration template that's available.



Connection & Set-up Costs

Steps required to connect the integration and the costs associated are quoted on a case-by-case basis as this integration is facilitated by intelliHR on their custom integration layer.

intelliHR will provide a quote that factors in some of the following activities to ensure that the integration is sustainable for each client.

  • Authentication Testing: Requires the client to retrieve an API key from within TANDA admin settings and confirmation of tenant region.

  • Field Mapping: As per the section above; ensuring all fields are mapped correctly between intelliHR and TANDA.

  • Pre-Deployment & Post-Deployment Consultations: This includes testing the integration with the client to identify use cases and field mapping requirements.

  • Deployment: The end-to-end building of the complete integration/automation process.

  • Housing & Maintenance: Which party will be hosting the integration (intelliHR vs. Client)? What effort will be required to troubleshoot and maintain the integration long-term?

Video Demonstration

For a real-time example of what this integration can achieve, check out the video demonstration below.

Tip: For information on how to connect and configure your TANDA custom integration; please contact your intelliHR representative; or email straight through to their integrations team for more information at

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