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Integrating Tanda with Allara Global LMS

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To integrate Tanda with Allara Global LMS please reach out to your Allara Global representative. Allara will set up the integration for you. If you are interested in exploring the system please email and we can introduce you to the team at Allara Global.

The Allara / Tanda integration syncs key information between your Tanda platform and the Allara Global Learning Management System (LMS), at timed intervals:

  1. New Users - Each data refresh will push new employees that have been onboarded that day through to the LMS.

  2. User Updates - When employee information changes in Tanda, such as name and email address, changes will be reflected in the LMS.

  3. Course Completions - Course completions in the LMS will be recorded in Tanda as a qualification, against each user.

  4. Archive Users - Deactivated users in Tanda are reflected in the LMS. If an employee returns to work, their account gets re-activated in the LMS.

New User Creation

The integration captures the following key employee information:

  • Email address - This also doubles as username in the LMS.

  • First and last name.

  • Default venue/location (via default payroll team in Tanda)

  • Department & Department ID – Departments are assigned based on default team in Tanda.

  • Employment Status - Active, archived or terminated.

  • Employee ID - Used to connect employee data between the two systems.

User Updates

Fields that may be updated include:

  • Email address.

  • First and last name.

  • Default venue (via changes to Tanda default team).

  • Department + department ID changes (via changes to Tanda default team).

  • Employee status (active/archived).

Course Completions in LMS

  • Once courses are completed in Allara, course names are stored against the user in Tanda as qualifications.

  • Learning plan completions in Allara are not recorded in Tanda - only the course completions.

Deactivating users & re-activation

  • Users marked as deactivated in Tanda will be marked as deactivated in the LMS and will not be deleted in the LMS. User email addresses must be left in Tanda once deactivated.

  • Users marked as deactivated in the LMS means their user records are maintained in the system.

  • Users who have returned to employment and re-activated in Tanda will be re-activated in the LMS.

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