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How Tanda and etrainu integrate

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To integrate Tanda and etrainu please contact the etrainu Customer Success team and they will assist.

The diagram below provides a high level overview of the data that is shared between the two platforms and the mechanism by which the data is passed.

Tanda Platform Access for etrainu

In order for the etrainu LMS to retrieve and pass data to the Tanda platform, etrainu requires an Admin account to be created within Tanda to enable access to Tanda’s APIs. Etrainu will use this account during the onboarding process and to establish necessary access to Tanda’s APIs for your Tanda account.

Please note that this admin account provides etrainu access to all data within your Tanda account which is necessary for the integration between the two systems to operate as designed. Following the onboarding process, the etrainu LMS securely stores the credentials to facilitate the ongoing integration processes.

To create this account, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Workforce drop down menu in Tanda and your Staff listing.

  2. To add a new admin profile manually, click +Add staff (top right) then select Add manually (Create new profile). At minimum, you will need to enter a name and email to invite the user to Tanda. We recommend setting up a user called 'etrainu Account', using the email -

  3. Once you have created this profile, give the Admin permission (remove the employee permission so you are not charged for this user), hit the blue Invite to Tanda button, and your partner will be able to login to complete integration.

Organisation Hierarchy

The organisation hierarchy that is setup within Tanda is mirrored in the etrainu LMS by the etrainu Customer Success team during the LMS onboarding process. Locations and Teams within Tanda are mapped into the organisation hierarchy in the etrainu LMS so that learner profiles for staff are related to the appropriate Departments and Sub-Organisations within the etrainu LMS (i.e. Locations in Tanda map to Departments in the LMS and Teams in Tanda map to Sub-Organisations in the LMS).

The etrainu Customer Success team will use the Admin account provided to determine the Locations and Teams (and associated Tanda platform IDs) within the Tanda platform and will establish the appropriate organisation structure within the LMS as part of the LMS onboarding process.

Please note that changes to Locations and Teams (e.g. new Teams or Locations) within Tanda are not replicated automatically to the etrainu LMS following the onboarding process. Corresponding changes must be made by the etrainu Customer Success team manually. If these changes are not made within the etrainu, the nightly learner profile synchronisation process (see further details below) may fail until this occurs.

Tanda Qualifications & LMS Courses

Qualifications in Tanda that map to etrainu LMS courses must be established in Tanda as part of the LMS onboarding process (if they haven’t already been created). Etrainu will use the Admin account provided to assist with setup of these Qualifications and complete the necessary course mapping configuration within the LMS.

Once this setup has been completed and learners have been onboarded, course completions within the etrainu LMS will create appropriate qualifications and associate these to the staff profiles within Tanda.

LMS Learners

Once the necessary organisation hierarchy and course setup has been completed within the etrainu LMS, learners can be onboarded into the LMS automatically via the etrainu/Tanda integration as a final step in the onboarding process. When learners are created within the LMS, the LMS will send a welcome email to the learner which includes the learner’s LMS username and password as well as a link to the LMS.

Learner information is kept in sync between the systems using a nightly synchronisation process. This process synchronises the following learner profile information from Tanda to the etrainu LMS:

  • First/Last Name

  • Email

  • Organisation relationships (Location and Team changes are mirrored into the LMS)

When new staff profiles are created within Tanda, these will be synchronised to the etrainu LMS as part of the nightly synchronisation process also and they will receive welcome emails at this time. The welcome emails will contain the learner’s LMS username and password and a link that takes them to the etrainu LMS.

For a profile to be synced from Tanda to etrainu, they will require the 'Employee' permission level in Tanda.

Learner profile changes are not possible via the etrainu LMS and must be made within Tanda as this is the source of truth for learner profile information.

Learners are automatically archived from the etrainu LMS when the ‘active’ field is set to ‘false’ within the Tanda platform. The learner’s course history is still visible to LMS administrators but learners will no longer be able to access the LMS.

LMS Admins

LMS administrator accounts are created manually by the etrainu Customer Success team and account credentials are passed to administrators via email by the etrainu Customer Success team. The Tanda and etrainu integration does not create these accounts in the LMS automatically.

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