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Workday Integration

This articles will help you get started with integrating your Workday Payroll application to Workforce

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Workday is an all in one HRIS system. We integrate with Workday payroll. Please refer to Workday's API documentation to help you get started. Some basic understanding of Workday fields is required.


  • Import Staff

  • Auto Import Staff

  • Export Timesheets to Payroll

  • Export Allowances and Deductions

  • Import Leave Balances

  • Sync Leave Balances

  • Auto Import Leave Balances

  • Export Time Off Requests

  • Import/Sync Award Tags

How to configure the Workday integration

  1. Name your integration

  2. Enter Workday username that has admin level permissions in Workday

  3. Add the associated password for the Workday user into the "Password" field

  4. Add the data center associated with your Workday organisation. **Workforce highly recommends that, this field is populated with a Workday sandbox data center initially to insure proper imports and syncing between the two systems. Please reach out to your Workday admin or our Workforce support team.**

  5. Enter the the Workday web service path connected to your Workday organisation.

  6. If you would like to import Job profile IDs to and award tags to associate with your staff please configure those properly before first import. Otherwise, these will be added later in the syncing process.

  7. Click "save"

  8. Integration setup is complete. Please refer to the syncing or import options below for next steps. If any issues arise, please consult the Troubleshooting section

Import Staff

Workforce will import all non-terminated employees with the follow fields:

  • Name

  • Worker_id (Payroll ID)

  • Email

  • Hourly Rate / Salary

  • Leave Balances (See Importing Leave)

  • Award Tags (See Importing Award Tags)

  • Phone

  • Date of Birth

  • Start Date

  • Employee Code

  • Employee Name Code

  • Position Ids

  • Certifications

  • Job Profile Ids

  1. Go to /staff page

  2. In the top right corner click "Add Staff"

  3. Go to "Import Bulk Staff"

  4. Select the "Import From" drop down menu

  5. Select "Workday"

  6. Workforce will now import staff from Workday

    Auto Import Staff

    To automatically import newly added staff to Workday into Workforce, please check the "Auto Import Staff" checkbox on the workday integration page.

Export Timesheets to Payroll

Users with the correct permissions can export individual or bulk timesheets to Workday to process payroll.

  1. Navigate to the timesheets page

  2. To bulk export time sheets click the "Preview & Export" button followed by the "Export to Payroll Software" button

3. To export individual timesheets navigate to a timesheet and select the "Export to" dropdown menu and select "Workday"

Export Allowances and Deductions

When exporting timesheets, any allowances and deductions for any shifts will automatically be exported to Workday as well.

Allowances can be configured in the Compliance section under Allowances. To ensure the exports will succeed, make sure the name of the acceptable allowances/deductions in Workday match up with the "export name" for each allowance/deduction in Workforce.

NOTE - Creating a deduction is the same process as an allowance. If you would like to treat an allowance as a deduction, simply check the "Export this allowance to payroll as a deduction" box on the allowance configuration page, and it will be wrapped in a "Deduction_code" rather than an "Earning_code" in Workday.

On a timesheet, users can add allowances/deductions by clicking + Add Allowance on an individual shift like so

and they will get exported to the same endpoint in Workday as the rest of the payroll.

Import Leave Balances

Workforce can import "Time off balances" from staff in Workday. Workforce will only import the the "Time off balances" of "Time off plans" that have been properly added into Workforce.

In order to properly import leave balances into Workday. Please ask your system admin for the Workday "Absence_Plan_ID" and "Time_Off_Type_ID" of time off plans you wish to import into Workforce.

Once acquired please navigate to Time off > Leave Types tab then click "New Leave Type" in the top right corner.

  1. Leave Type name will be the Workday "Time_Off_Type_ID"

  2. Export Name will be the Workday "Absence_Plan_ID"

  3. Likely these two values need to be mapped by your Workday admin to make sure they correlate correctly. *Please make sure both ID fields match exactly to the Workday IDs otherwise importing will not work correctly*

4. Make sure "Non-ordinary" hours is selected

5. Select any other necessary configurations then click "Create Time Off Type" at the bottom

6. Follow the "Import Staff" instructions. *Note: The proper leave types must be created first before import to have the balances reflected in Workforce. Otherwise, leave balances will be synced later on if "Auto Import Leave" is selected on the integration page*

Sync Leave Balances

Follow "Import Leave Balances" steps 1-5.

After, please navigate to the Workday integration page and select "Auto Import Leave". Leave balances are automatically synced every 12 hours.

Export Time Off Requests

More details to come...

Award Tags

Award tags can be created in Workforce from employee fields in Workday.

The follow fields that can be exported off staff fields from Workday are:

  • position_title

  • business_title

  • worker_type_reference

  • position_time_type_reference

  • pay_rate_type_reference

  • job_profile_reference

  • management_level_reference

  • job_category_reference

  • job_family_reference

  • job_profile_name

  • location_reference

  • location_name

  • country_state

  • state_abrv

  • state

  • city

These fields can be used to create a variety of award tag options in Workforce. A comma ( , ) represents a tag divider. A dash ( - ) represents a concatenated tag. Please reach out to our support team to help configure your award tags correctly. There are five configurations of Workday award tags into Workforce:

  • single award tag (award)

  • single concatenated award tag (award1-award2)

  • multiple non-concatenated award tags (award1,award2,award3...)

  • multiple concatenated award tags (award1-award2,award3-award-4...)

  • multiple all types of tags concatenated and non-concatenated (award1, award2-award3...)

Awards tags are configured on the "Auto import award tags" field on the Workday integration page. New Workday tags will not remove pre-existing award tags in Workforce. Please configure the "Auto import award tags" field first before bulk importing staff, otherwise the award tags will be synced. Award tags are synced once every hour.

Sync times

  • Staff syncing (details, award tags, new staff, etc...): Once every hour

  • Leave balance syncing: One every 12 hours

    Note: Depending on your Workforce or Worday organisation size, data might take longer than the syncing times to reflect in your Workforce/Workday organization.

Workday Request Operations

Below are the list if Services and Operations that need to be enabled on the admin account associated with Workday integration. Please ensure all services and operations are properly configured below before importing.



If data is not populating at all in Workforce, it is likely that one of these permissions in not configured correctly in Workday.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

  • Client authentication error

    • invalid username or password

  • Invalid Permission Request

    • Permissions need to be configured to allow ALL requests in Workday. See the Workday Request Operations section and make sure all these are allowed in Workday

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