Vacant Shift Claiming saves time finding an available staff member by offering a shift to all available employees.

You can use vacant shift claiming as part of your usual rostering process, or use it to find a replacement for a single shift.

How it works

  • A vacant shift is published by a manager

  • Employees who meet the requirements* are notified of the available shift on their mobile app

  • The first employee to 'claim' the vacant shift will be automatically allocated into the shift on the roster

Vacant shift claiming is an optional feature. To turn vacant shift claiming on, navigate to Settings > Feature Management and enable 'Vacant shift claiming'.

*The Vacant shift claiming feature considers the location/ team an employee can work and potential clashes with published rostered shifts/ approved leave requests for that day.

How to create a Vacant Shift for claiming

  1. Add Vacant Shifts to the roster, ensuring that a team, start time and finish time are all added.

  2. Once you're ready to publish the roster, go to 'Review and Publish'

  3. Check the box for 'Publish Vacant Shifts (Shift Claiming)':

  4. Review 'Claimable Shifts' prior to publishing:

  5. Continue the publishing roster workflow

How employees claim a vacant shift

Employees claim vacant shifts on their mobile app. Employees will be notified of an available vacant shift via a push notification on their mobile phone.

Claiming a shift in the app

Vacant Shifts for claiming will appear in the Pick up shifts tab from the action menu.

To see further details on the Vacant Shift, select 'Available Shifts'. Here, employees can view the team, start time and finish time, and any other staff working at the same time:

To claim the Vacant Shift, click the green 'Claim Shift' button, which will ask the employee to confirm the action. Once claimed, the shift will be added to their mobile app, and the roster will update with the claimers details:

FAQ's and troubleshooting

How can I identify if a 'Vacant Shift' has been broadcasted successfully?

'Vacant Shifts' which have been broadcasted but not yet claimed, will have a blue indicator on the shift card:

Once claimed, the indicator will change colour to green:

Can an employee claim a shift on the web-app (desktop) version?

No, 'Vacant Shifts' can only be claimed on the mobile app.

How close to the start time of a shift can a 'Vacant Shift' be published?

The start time of a 'Vacant Shift' must be more than 1 hour away to be published.

Can employees claim shifts in team/s they're not in?

No, employees can only claim shifts in teams that they are in.

Is a manager required to approve a claimed vacant shift?

Claiming 'Vacant Shifts' do not require manager approval. 'Vacant Shifts' can be claimed first come, first served.

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