Get important messages and announcements to your team in less time using the Communications feature.

How it works

'Communications' is a one-way tool for management teams to broadcast important information to frontline employees.

Managers send announcements by logging in on online. Employees can receive these announcements both by logging in online and to their Mobile App.

To send an announcement, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Personal Settings > 'Communications'

  2. Select which locations or teams to broadcast an Announcement to

  3. Create a ‘group’ and gives your group a name

  4. Create an 'Announcement'

  5. Send

To archive a 'Communications' group:

  • Admins can click the 'archive' button on the top right of the group

  • A warning message will display to confirm the action

  • Once confirmed, the group will archive. All associated Announcements made to the group will be archived and removed from the 'All Announcements' feed.

Archived groups can be viewed by toggling from 'Active Groups' to 'Archived':

Admin's can unarchive a group by clicking the 'archive' button again. Doing so will restore the group and any associated announcements.


Where can I create an ‘Announcement’?

‘Announcements’ can be created on the web-app (desktop) by going to personal settings (top right) > "Communications".

'Announcements' cannot currently be created in the mobile app.

Where can I read an ‘Announcement’?

‘Announcements’ can be read on the web-app and mobile app (Android and iOS). Employees will be notified of a new ‘Announcement’ via a push notification on their mobile device.

Note: users must update their Work app to version 1.57.0

Who can I broadcast an ‘Announcement’ to?

‘Communications’ permissions are detailed below:

  • Admins can create, read and send an announcement to all employees

  • General Managers can create, read and send an announcement to all locations & teams (*or teams/locations they manage)

  • Team Managers can read announcements for teams/s they are in

  • Payroll Officers can read announcements for teams they are in

  • Employees can read announcements for teams they are in

Permissions per role can be updated by navigating to Settings > View all Permission Settings > Advanced Settings > Customise Access & Roles

Can employees respond to Announcements?

No, the 'Announcements' feature is currently only a one way communication system.

What is an 'Organisation-wide Announcement' Group?

An 'Organisation-wide' group is a default group which allows Admins to broadcast Announcements to all users within the organisation.

Can I attach PDFs, images, documents etc?

No, there is no capability to attach any media or documents currently.

Can I view 'read-receipts'?

No, there is no capability to view whether an employee has read a message currently.

Can I create one-on-one chats?

No, 'Communications' does not currently have one-to-one chat capabilities.

Can I archive the 'Organisation-wide' announcement group?

No, this default group cannot be archived.

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