Doshii Integration

Use Doshii to integrate to number of POS systems via API

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Tanda's integration with Doshii gives you access to automatically import your sales data via a number of Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Doshii offers access to:

  • Impos

  • H&L

  • Square

  • Oracle Micros Simphony

  • Oracle Micros Res

  • NCR Aloha

  • Lightspeed

  • SplitAbility

  • Raptor

  • Ordermate

  • Bepoz

  • Idealpos

  • SwiftPOS

  • EposNow

You can check all of Doshii's POS system integrations here.

Tanda's integration to Doshii will bring revenue through from your business on a per location basis - it does not split sales on a category or terminal level. For more information on this contact our team via chat.

Setting up your Doshii Integration

Doshii allows you to sign up for their service here.

Once you have been set up on Doshii and have linked your POS system, you will be given a Location ID(s). This can be entered in Tanda via Integrations > POS Integrations.

Click the green + New POS Integration button in the top right.

You can then search for "Doshii" and click on the Doshii tile.

Hit the green Connect to Doshii button.

Input the Location ID you received from Doshii into the box in Tanda, and alter the check box below the field whether you want your sales in Tanda to be including or excluding GST.

If the details have been entered correctly, your data will become available under 'Manage Datastreams.'

Learn more about managing datastreams here.

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