With Tanda, you can have Timesheets send information to your Xero Tracking Categories or to a single Wage Expense Account within Xero.

Tracking Categories

If you use Tracking Categories in Xero as part of your reporting, Tanda can send this information with your Timesheets to Xero when you export your payrun. 

First you need to ensure you have Tracking Categories setup in Xero. This article from Xero might be useful to have a read of first to ensure you have set it up correctly. 

For our example, we have setup the following:

Once you have set up your Tracking Category and it's options, you'll also need to enable tracking on your timesheets in Xero.

You can do this by going to Settings > Payroll Settings > Timesheet Categories

Configure the Integration in Tanda

In Tanda, go to Settings (cog wheel icon)  > Integration > Payroll Integrations > New Payroll Integration:

Click on your Xero integration and enter the information from Xero:

  • Tracking category name in Tanda is the Tracking category name in Xero 
  • Default tracking option is one of your Category options from Xero, which is used if the shift cannot be matched, it will default to this:

In the example above, the shift in Tanda will track to Front of House if there isn't a category option on the shift. Once this is entered click Save at the bottom.

Configure Categories to Teams

If your Xero Categories and Teams in Tanda are spelled exactly the same, then you won't need to configure this next step. 

An example of this, is if your Category in Xero is Front of House and your Team in Tanda is Front of House then they're already configured. But if you have FOH in Xero and Front of House in Tanda, you will need to.

To configure this, in Tanda, go to Workforce > Teams:

Click on the Team name to edit and click on Show Advanced Options and in the Payroll cost tracking code, enter the Category name from Xero:

Click Update Team Details at the bottom to save and repeat for all other Teams where the name is different to Xero.

Timesheet in Tanda

The Team listed on each Shift (pulled from the Roster or manually selected on the Shift) will then be exported with the hours over to Xero:

In Xero, you can then bring up this information in the relevant Report you want to use, otherwise you can also check on the Timesheet to ensure it has come over the way you wanted it to:

Wage Expense Account

If your account is enabled with a Tanda Managed Award Template, configured under Compliance > Award template > Manage, when you integrated Tanda with Xero, Tanda will create new Pay Items in Xero.

A Pay Item will be created for each multiplier required, and base rates will be added for all staff to their pay templates.

Tanda’s Pay Items will be assigned to the account code that you’ve defined in Xero under Settings > Payroll Settings > Organisation > Wages Expense (see screenshot below).

If no account is set there, Tanda will use whichever account is set on an already configured earnings rate:

If you need further assistance on how to set it up in Xero, best to contact Xero Support for this.

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