Tanda and MYOB AccountRight Live have a live API connection, so you can export your Timesheets to MYOB automatically.


Before exporting your Timesheets, you need to ensure:

  • MYOB Timesheets are enabled and your Company File is Online: you can check out the Importing Staff from MYOB ARL article for detailed information on this if you haven't done it yet. 
  • MYOB is connected to Tanda: in Tanda navigate to Integrations > Payroll Integrations > ensure your MYOB file is connected
  • If you're on a Tanda Managed Award Template, you have completed the Payroll Configuration step. 
  • Standard pay: some businesses use Standard Pay hours in MYOB to make processing pay quicker. With Tanda you will be paying staff based on their Timesheets so you won't require Standard Pay. If you're on a Tanda Managed Award Template, when you sync the systems in the last configuration step, Tanda will automatically remove Standard Pay for all staff except Salaried. If you have staff who are not on the Award Template in Tanda, you'll need to manually remove Standard Pay from MYOB:

To remove Standard Pay in MYOB:

Go to Card File > Cards List > Employee. Select an employee to go into their profile > go to Payroll Details tab. In the left sidebar, select Standard Pay and in the table, in the Hours column next to Base Hourly, delete out the number and then click Ok:

Note: MYOB has a little quirk that it adds back in Standard Pay if you change the Base Hourly rate of an Employee in MYOB. You might be doing this as you pay the employee above award. If you do make this change in MYOB, just make sure to then remove Standard Pay manually.

Exporting Timesheets

Go to Timesheets > Weekly/Fortnightly:

All your Timesheets should be green to show they're approved:

If there are any that are showing white, just click on the employee's name to go into their Timesheet to check for any shifts you haven't approved.

For Salaried staff, even though their Timesheets won't be exporting to your Payroll system, you can still have them in green and export them along with the other Timesheets, they just won't show in the confirmation summary or export file. If they have Leave or allowances, it will be included. 

Exporting - Preview

When you're ready, just click the green Preview & Export button in the top right corner to go through to the Export Preview:

In this screen, you can:

  • Check for any warnings. An orange exclamation mark at the top will alert you to any issues:
  • Check Timesheet Export Summary: you can click on each employee's name to check the Award calculation. 
  • Check Total Hours and Gross Wage: at the end of each employee you can see the total for the pay period. 

Exporting - Complete

When you're ready, just click the green Export to Payroll Software button:

Your Timesheet information will export to MYOB. This process usually only takes a few minutes, but the time can vary based on the number of timesheets.

Process Payrun in MYOB

Navigate to Payroll > Process Payroll > ensure you select the correct pay period start and end date for the payrun and then you can check your staff to ensure you're happy with their pay and finalise as normal:

Troubleshooting Errors

If you have any errors while exporting from Tanda, you will receive a notification:

Tanda will provide a list of how many Timesheets were affected, which staff and what the error is. Use the headings below to find the error messages you received and how to troubleshoot:

1. No employee found

  • Error message: No MYOB Employee found

This means either the employee hasn't been added to MYOB or the profiles haven't synced between Tanda and MYOB.

First, check that you have added the employee to MYOB under Card File > Cards List > Employee. Add them if they weren't in your Employee List.

Next in Tanda, go to the employee's profile by clicking on Workforce > Staff > click the employee's profile > click on Payroll tab:

An employee's profile is synced between the two systems if you can see the name matched below Employee ID.

Some things to check from here:

  • In Tanda, if you can't see the profiles synced (as above), go to Workforce > Staff > + Add Staff > Import from > MYOB AccountRight Live. The confirmation will either say that the employee has been imported or updated. You can then check in their profile to see it is now synced and re-export the timesheet.
  • If the profile is synced, check in MYOB that their Start Date, Email Address and spelling of their name is the same in Tanda. You should also check on their Profile in their Card File that they're not ticked as Inactive Card or in their Payroll Details that they don't have a Termination Date set. Also ensure the Card ID is the same as the Employee ID in Tanda (if you're using Card IDs). If any of these are different, update and then try importing the employee into Tanda again. 

If you have located the issue, you can try exporting again by clicking Export To in the employee's individual timesheet. If you are still receiving the same error, please contact Tanda Support on the details at the bottom of the article.

2. Wage category not found

  • Error message: Wage category [name] not found in MYOB

This can occur with both the Tanda Managed Award Template and Custom Rules. 

For the Managed Award Template, it means you haven't integrated the Award with MYOB. To do this navigate in Tanda to Compliance > Award Templates > 'Manage Award' (on the relevant Award template) > click Connect payroll systems:

This will take about 5 mins for the Payroll Categories to be created in MYOB. You can check when it has completed by refreshing the page and you will see the last updated date as the current time:

For Custom Rules, this either means there isn't a Payroll Category in MYOB or the Award Rule in Tanda hasn't been matched against the Payroll Category in MYOB. To check this:

In MYOB, go to Payroll > Payroll Categories > Wages. Check the relevant Payroll Category or create it if it wasn't there by clicking New.

In Tanda, go to Compliance > Award Rules (or Allowances) > click on the relevant rule and check that the Export name is linked with the relevant Payroll Category in MYOB:

If you have located the issue, you can try exporting again by clicking Export To in the employee's individual timesheet.

3. Tried to apply Wage category 

Error message: Tried to apply wage category [name] - ensure these are assigned to employee in MYOB

This could be because the Award Template hasn't synced with the employee (if they're new or you just updated their profile) or because the Payroll Category hasn't been linked with the employee profile in MYOB for Custom Rules.

For the Managed Award Template, update the Template by navigating in Tanda to Compliance > Award Template > 'Manage Award' > click 'Force template update':

For Custom Rules, this means the Payroll Category hasn't been linked with the employee. In MYOB go to Card File > Cards List > click on the relevant employee > Payroll Details tab > go to Wages > in the Wage box at the bottom, ensure there is a tick next to the Payroll Category that came up in the error message and press OK to save:

If you have located the issue, you can try exporting again by clicking Export To in the employee's individual timesheet. 

4. Duplicate hours for an employee 

Error: there won't be a message in Tanda, but when you process the pay run in MYOB you might notice additional hours for an employee.

This could be because the employee has Standard Pay on their profile. 

To check Standard Pay, in MYOB navigate to Card File > Cards List > Employee > Payroll Details tab > Standard Pay > there should be a 0 in the Hours column for Base Hourly. Once this is deleted, the pay run will also be updated.

5. Timesheet Exported but can't see Employee(s) in Pay Run

If the Results Confirmation indicated an employee's timesheet exported successfully but they're not in the Pay Run in MYOB, you can check the following:

  • Process Payroll start and end date is correct: check in MYOB when you process the payrun that the Pay period start and Pay period end matches with the dates in Tanda. 
  • Employee has the correct start date: Navigate to Card File > Cards List > Employee > Payroll Details tab > Personal Details > check the Start Date is before or on the first day of the Timesheet from Tanda.

6. NotValid -- Invalid identifier for a company file 'Contact'

Error: this is an error with your MYOB when the company file username and password doesn't match the MYOB Live ID.

To fix, log into MYOB using your MYOB live ID. Select your File and enter a Company File Username and Password.

In Tanda, navigate to Integrations > Payroll & Accounting > click on your MYOB Integration and in the bottom right corner click on Disconnect Integration

Your integration will then load with a red warning in the top right corner, just click anywhere in the box and then click Reconnect your payroll integration in the top right corner:

You'll then be prompted to enter your MYOB login details or if you're still logged into MYOB in another browser, give Tanda access. When it loads back to Tanda, just click Save in the bottom left corner. You can then try re-exporting your Timesheets

7. Processed Timesheet -- Cannot update or delete a processed timesheet

Error message: Processed Timesheet -- Cannot update or delete a processed timesheet

This message will appear when you have already processed a Timesheet through Payroll in MYOB for this period. To check this, go into MYOB and check the Timesheet for this period. If the hours were exported and they're greyed out, it means it has already been processed and you won't be able to export another Timesheet. If you need to pay the employee additional hours, you'll just have to do manually through the payrun in MYOB.

Re-exporting Timesheets

If you discover an error or you forgot to add a manual allowance once you have exported the Timesheet to MYOB, you can resend the timesheet from Tanda.

In the relevant Timesheet in Tanda, click Unlock to make change to the Timesheet: 

You may need to unapprove the shift to make a change to a particular time. Once changes hav been made, ensure that the timesheet is approved and then click Export to MYOB ARL to resend:

You don't need to delete the Timesheet in MYOB to resend it, it will just write over what was exported previously.

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