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Reports: Pay Rate Changes
Reports: Pay Rate Changes
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The Pay Rate Changes report tracks the changes made to employee hourly rates across a date range.

Using the Report

You can find Pay Rate Changes under Reports > Pay Rate Changes

The Pay Rate Changes Report can be used to check that an automated update has occurred.

Change of Rate on Birthday

If a birthday falls mid way through a pay period, Tanda pays the higher rate for the whole period. 

If you’d prefer to split the pay period, and recognise two separate base hourly rates within a single pay period - this would need to be done manually in your payroll software.

As is the case in the majority of payroll systems, you can only assign one base rate to an employee within any pay period.

Automatically Email Report

Pay Rate Changes reports are automatically emailed to the designated Admin user for that Tanda account. Other users can receive the report by logging into Tanda, opening the report and clicking on the Email button to the right of the screen. From there, the user can set how frequently they would like to receive the report.

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