One of the benefits of using Tanda is you can see expected wage costs from the moment the team starts building a roster, so there are no surprises when it comes to payroll. Empower Managers to make smarter scheduling decisions by configuring wage calculations in Tanda from day 1.

There are a few ways you can setup wage calculations in Tanda. See this article to help determine which option is best for you.

Enable Template

If using a template, head to Compliance > Award Templates > +. Here you'll see a list of Template available on Tanda. Simply select 'Enable' next to the relevant template/s. 

Click 'Add Staff' to configure staff onto a template. If staff are all on the same template, you can click the 'All staff on same template' button located at the top of the page. Otherwise, you can specify template on an individual basis.

Next, classify staff member's employment type and classification. Along with age, this will determine the rates that apply to the template according to the governing body (e.g Fairwork for Australian users). Once all fields are completed, click 'Apply Classification and Levels'.

Template, Employment Type, and Classification/Level can also be specified or adjusted on staff profiles's under the Payroll tab.

Create Custom Rules

If using a custom setup, you will first need to create rules and allowances. Once created, configure staff to have these rules apply to them. For example, if you have created rules to apply to staff tagged 'Full Time', you will need to ensure the relevant staff have a 'Full Time' tag on their profile.

There are two ways to tag staff. The first is to head to their individual profiles and enter tags under the 'Additional Tags' field on the Payroll tab. 

The second way to tag staff is by bulk, which is useful if you have a few staff using custom rules and allowances. To bulk categorise staff, head to Workforce > Tools > Bulk Categorise Staff. Bulk categorising is as simple as selecting the relevant staff, specifying you want to add tags, and selecting the relevant tags. Click 'Submit' when ready to bulk categorise staff.

Check Calculations

Once you've configured staff's classification/tags, it is a good idea to check the wage calculations. There are a few places you can do this.

First, you can get a rough idea of rates that will apply to staff on their Payroll tab underneath classifications. Tip: If staff have a higher base rate, please see this article.

Next, you can get an idea of when different rates apply to staff on the Rules section of their profile.

Thirdly, you can see wage costs on the roster by selecting the Costs View on the Roster Views dropdown.

Finally, you can wage costs on an employees timesheet under the Timesheet Export Summary and Timesheet Chart.

For more information on wage calculations in Tanda, please see the Compliance section in our Help Centre.

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