MYOB Desktop is as the name suggests a desktop payroll system. Unlike cloud-based payroll systems (like MYOB AccountRight Live) Tanda and MYOB desktop cannot sync information automatically. 

This means completing your payroll integration setup involves matching data between Tanda and MYOB Desktop manually. The award rules, allowances and leave types that make up your payroll setup in Tanda must be reflected in MYOB Desktop exactly so that when timesheet data exports it can be matched to MYOB categories.

Important points:

  • if you make changes in Tanda i.e. update an employees base rate on their birthday you must also make this change in MYOB Desktop (or vice versa)
  • Everything in MYOB must be named to match Tanda exactly (case sensitive) Eg. “Laundry allowance” cannot be “laundry allowance”
  • When you export timesheets from Tanda into MYOB Desktop if required payroll categories in MYOB don't exist or their names don't match those in Tanda the import won't work.

How timesheet data flows through to MYOB Desktop

Before you can start exporting timesheets successfully,  there are are a number of steps you need to complete both in systems. 

This article details how each aspect of the MYOB desktop integration works, and what you need to do before you export your timesheets for the first time.

✅ Payroll Integration Checklist Overview

  1. Link your MYOB desktop account with Tanda
  2. Ensure staff exist both in Tanda and MYOB
  3. Create pay rules from Tanda as wage categories
  4. Update base rates for staff
  5. Link leave types

1 Link your MYOB desktop account with Tanda

To link your account navigate to the payroll integration page. Here you can add your integration and name it.

Now that you have added your desktop integration Tanda will automatically export timesheets in the correct MYOB Desktop format.

2 Ensure staff exist both in Tanda and MYOB

The staff tab will display a list of all staff that exist in your Tanda account. When exporting timesheets and attaching them to the correct employee in MYOB Tanda needs to match employees based on the Payroll ID.

Make sure that all Tanda employees have a matching employee card in MYOB, make sure their payroll ID matches exactly.

3 Create pay rules from Tanda as wage categories

The payroll setup that you have in Tanda must match with your payroll category setup in MYOB Desktop. This ensures when timesheets export into MYOB Desktop the pay rules specified on each Tanda timesheet can be matched with payroll categories in MYOB.

I am on a managed Tanda award template

If you are on a Tanda managed award template you need to navigate to the award template details page.

Click Manage to view your active awards.

Then click Manage Award.

Scroll down to the payroll integration section and click on the MYOB report. This report details your instructions for creating wage items to match the pay rules in Tanda.

The first step is to create matching payroll categories in MYOB to match the listed wage names. You can copy the wage name directly and paste that into MYOB when creating the wage category. You must ensure to name the wage category that you create in MYOB exactly as it is in Tanda. Also set the type of wage and multiplier to match.

You can reuse existing categories, simply rename them in MYOB and ensure the type and multiplier is a match.

In MYOB navigate to Payroll command centre > Payroll Categories.
More information here

Follow exactly the same process for allowances:

4 Update base rates for staff

The next step is to go through and update base rate information for staff in MYOB. Navigate to staff employee cards and update their base rate to match the rate in Tanda.

5 Link leave types

To link your leave types you must navigate into each leave type and set the export name to the name of the corresponding payroll category from your MYOB file. Again, make sure that the name matches exactly (including case sensitivity).

Making updates in the future

As mentioned, any changes that you make in Tanda or MYOB must be reflected in both systems. This means when you update base rates for staff birthdays, payroll ID's etc. you must remember to make these changes in the other system. If you don't you, you will receive errors when importing Tanda timesheet data into MYOB.

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