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Shift Feedback

Using the Shift Feedback feature to gain real time feedback from staff

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Shift feedback allows staff to give actionable feedback based on a specific worked shift. Staff can choose to remain anonymous when submitting feedback on their app, or be identified.

Enabling Shift Feedback

By default shift feedback will be enabled in your account. If you do wish to turn it off you can do so in All Settings > General.

Feedback Topics

If you follow the link Edit Shift Feedback Categories in the settings (seen above) you can define the categories that your team can give a simple 👍 or 👎 when offering their shift feedback. Consider these categories as a quick and low-effort option for your team to offer feedback on broad topics within your business.

You can edit the names and toggle off (via the "Show in app?" toggle) the default categories setup in all Tanda accounts:

In the top right of the settings section is the "+ Add Category" button to add more if you would like:

How it works

Staff are prompted to give feedback in the mobile app after each shift. They select from the list of topics to express what went well and what didn't:

Team members can also add additional free-text feedback before submitting, and have the option to leave this feedback anonymously:

Team Managers will be able to view feedback from their own teams, General Managers and Admins will be able to view feedback from all teams.

The Shift Feedback email summary

Tanda can send a weekly summary of shift feedback to managers and admins. This email is on by default for new accounts and can be toggled on or off for users under the profile drop-down in the top-right of Tanda via "My Notifications":

Scroll down and find the toggle for Shift Feedback Emails:

NB: This setting on a per-user basis - each admin or manager will choose whether to receive the email or not.

The summary email gives you all feedback and comments provided for the period. If the feedback was provided anonymously no name will be shown

Shift Feedback Report

Admins and Managers can view a detailed shift feedback report whenever needed - this is found under Time & Attendance / Reports:

​The report provides a summary of all responses for the chosen time period:

Shift Feedback Dashboard

We have a Shift Feedback dashboard available which allows you to see data from the default Shift Feedback report visualized in a few helpful ways:

  • Sentiment over time

  • A total count of positive v. negative

  • What areas employees feel went well or poorly during a shift

To add the Shift Feedback Dashboard to your account:

Navigate to Time & Attendance > Reports > BI Reporting:

In the top right there is a green button "Add Built-in Report":

Scroll down until you find Shift Feedback Dashboard, click on the + to add it to your account:

The report can now be found under Time & Attendance > Reports > HR Reports:

If you would like to add this report to your Dashboard head to the Configure report button in the top right when viewing the report:

Tick the Show on dashboard box, and customise other settings based on your preferences. Finally, click Update down below:

The Shift Feedback Dashboard is now available as soon as you log into your account on your Tanda Dashboard as a widget.


When will staff be prompted to give feedback?

  • The user has a worked shift on today’s date.

  • The user hasn’t dismissed or submitted any feedback popups since the beginning of the week.

  • The business has the shift feedback option enabled in general settings.

  • The user does not also hold an Admin, General Manager, or Payroll Officer permission level in Tanda.

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