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Integrate your account to HappyHR

How to link your Tanda account to HappyHR

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Happy HR provides customised HR contracts & polices, performance management,payroll, messaging, learning, WH&S, contractor management and more.

How it works?

1.Go to ‘Settings’ in the Menu Bar and click on the ‘API Integration button.

2.Click on the ‘Connect’ button corresponding to the ‘Tanda’ Api to integrate the API with the Happy HR System. When the Connect button corresponding to Tanda is clicked, user is redirected to login and authorization at Tanda site. Once user authorizes the access, Tanda is connected and the functionality is integrated with HappyHR.

3. Now that Tanda is connected, HappyHR system pushes all employees (Current staff) to Tanda, in case anyone is missing at Tanda. This is an automated scheduled synchronization task which runs at intervals of 6 hours.


Data being pulled from Tanda:

  • user_id

  • start

  • finish

  • status

  • Shifts


How to generate the Timesheet?

Step 1: Integrate the API with the Happy Hr System

Step 2: Login into your Tanda Account here.


Step 3: Account gets successfully synchronised and after scheduled synchronization task runs, the Timesheet of each user appears on their profile page under Timesheet tab respectively.


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