Shift Details allow you to add extra information to a Shift on the Roster. You might need to let Staff know when they are working up a level, in a different role or a particular task. Examples of this include, Supervisor, Barista or Closing. Shift Details can be added to Shifts on the Roster which is then reflected when Staff receive their Roster by Email or SMS. 

To setup Shift Details, go to Workforce > Teams:

You'll need to have setup Locations and Teams first. This can be done by clicking the green + Add button in the top right corner and setting up Location(s) and then Team(s) to sit within:

If you need a further hand with how to set this up, have a read of the Add or Edit Location & Team article first.

Add Shift Detail

Either click to + Add a new Team or click on an existing Team name to edit and then click on Show Advanced Options:

  • Scroll to the bottom until you see Shift Details and you'll see an empty field. 
  • Click in the field and type the name of the Shift Detail. 
  • To save you can either hit Enter on your keyboard or click the black plus icon at the end of the field:
  • Once it's saved, the grey box around the name will disappear and a red cross will show at the end. 
  • You can keep going until you've added all your Shift Details for this Team: 

When you've finished, just click Update Team Details at the bottom to save. 


  • To edit the name of an existing Shift Detail, just click on the name and the grey edit box will reappear


  • To delete the Shift Detail click the red cross at the end
  • Once it's deleted you won't be able to undo this, but you can create it again

Staff & Roster

To apply a Shift Detail, you just need to ensure the relevant employee is in the Team that the Shift Detail is added to.

To check this, go to Workforce > Staff > click on an employee's name to go into their profile > Personal tab > Teams & Permissions: ensure they have the Team on their profile:

On the Roster, under Rosters > Current Roster, on the Shift Card for the Employee, select the Team on the left at the top and then click on the second + icon below and the Shift Details available for this Team will display. Select the relevant one:

This will then go through to the Employee with their Roster:

If you would like further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or 

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