As a Team Manager, on occasion you may need to create and edit the Team setup for your business in Tanda.  

Under Workforce > Teams, you will see a list of the Teams that you have access to:

There may be other Locations and Teams within your business in Tanda, but only Admins and General Managers will have access to manage all Teams. If you should have access to another Team, please liaise with your Admin for Tanda (normally your Manager). Similarly, if you require a new Location setup, please ask your Admin to do this.

Create new Team

If you need to create a new Team, click the green + Add button in the top right corner and select Team:

Create a Name for the Team, assign Staff and ensure that your name remains in the Managers field (this will automatically populate) and click Add New Team to save:

There are some advanced options available, including Payroll cost tracking, Qualifications and Shift details. You can click on Show to add these or ask your Manager or Payroll to go in and edit this information once you have created the Team. 

Shift Details add a second level of information on the Roster to let your staff know what role they might be assigned to in that shift i.e Manager, Close: 

Edit an existing Team

Click on the Team name in the Teams page to edit:

From here you can change any of the fields, including Roster Colour, Staff Managers and add in Shift Details.

Ensure you click the green Update Team Details button to save any changes.

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