Salaried staff can use Tanda the same way your casuals do, by clocking-in on the Time Clock, being rostered on and costed in reporting.

Payroll Setup

To configure salaried staff, go to Workforce > Staff:

Then click on the relevant employee’s name:

On the Payroll tab of their profile, ensure you have entered their Annual Salary (less Super) in the Annual Salary field.

If you’re using a Tanda Managed Award Template, on the right select the employee on the Award and select the Type as Salaried.

Once you've saved the profile, Tanda will calculate their wage based upon whether you pay weekly or fortnightly.

Note : If you pay by an EBA or Agreement other than an award a Tanda Onboarding Consultant will need to build pay rules into the system for you. Make your consultant aware of any salaried staff and they will be set up for you.


Salaried staff will have a Timesheet generated similar to other staff, however Tanda won’t export the timesheet to your payroll system.

As you’re not paying the staff based on how many hours they work, it is better to have their recurring pay setup in your Payroll system. In MYOB this is done through Standard Pay and in Xero through the Pay Template.

You can still approve their timesheet, but they won’t be included when you export timesheets at pay time.

You can still put in Leave for them in Tanda as this will send across with the timesheets and deduct from their leave balances.


You might notice some inaccuracies in the costing for Salaried staff on the Roster, Timesheets and Cost reports. If Roster costs are incorrect, you will need to adjust how you want Tanda to cost your Salaried staff.

Go to Settings > General Settings > Salaries tab. Have a read of our article on How to Configure Salaried Costings.

Just keep in mind, for Salaried staff, Tanda can only generate reporting if they’re rostered and have timesheets. If don’t want your Salaried staff clocking-in using the time clock but you want them included in your reports, you’ll have to manually enter their times in a timesheet for them.

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