Shift feedback allows employees to give actionable feedback based on a specific worked shift. Feedback from employees is anonymous, however managers can view what team the employee worked in, and the date it was submitted.

Enabling Shift Feedback

For customers that joined Tanda after Shift Feedback went live (21st January 2019), it will be automatically enabled by default. Existing customers will need to manually enable it.

Anyone with admin level permissions can turn this feature on in the Power-ups menu.

How it works

  1. Employees are prompted to give feedback once a week after a shift.
  2. They select from a list of topics to express what went well and what didn't.
  3. They can add an additional comment before submitting.
  4. General Managers and Admins will receive an email at the end of the week with a summary of all feedback responses from employees they manage.

The Shift Feedback email summary

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