To import a roster from Qikkids or an Excel spreadsheet, in Tanda go to Rosters and Current Roster:

Under Tools, select Import from:


In Qikkids, export the following report: Reports > Staff/Carers > Roster Details 

Make sure it's in .xls format, not .xlsx. You might need to open and save the file in Excel to change the extension

Follow the instructions in Tanda to import the file:


You'll need to download the Template first, so click on where it says click here in step 1 to download this:

You'll notice lot's of different tabs at the bottom in Excel. You can use the individual days to plan out your roster, but just ensure you move everything over to the Complete Roster tab, as this is what will import into Tanda. 

Follow the remaining of the instructions to import the template back into Tanda:

If you encounter any issues please contact Tanda Support on 1300 859 117 or 

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