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You can use the Pay Rate Changes report to track changes in staff base pay rates. Staff whose hourly rate of pay has changed in the time period will be listed in the Pay Rate Changes report, which can be filtered to narrow down the staff in the list.

You can find Pay Rate Changes under Reports in Tanda:

If you use a Live version of your payroll software that Tanda interfaces with, such as MYOB Live or Xero, Tanda will automatically update the employee’s rate and send this over to your payroll software.

The Pay Rate Changes Report can be used to double check this has occurred, or you’ll need to use it to manually update the staff member’s pay rate in your payroll software.

Pay Rate Change Reporting

Choosing Your Date Range

To select which time period is included in the report click the calendar drop down box directly above the employee list and select a pay period from the menu on the right, or select a custom date range from the calendars provided.

Loading, Saving and Exporting Reports

Use the Email or Print buttons to export a wage cost report or use the Load/Save reports drop down menu to Load/Save reports, and select a report to load or save. To have the report emailed to you at a regular interval click Email and select a time.

It would be advisable to set up this report to automatically email out to you each week if you need to manually update staff pay rates, so you don’t miss updating anyone.

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