Before you can sync Tanda with MYOB, you’ll need to configure a few things in your MYOB file:

  1. Terminated staff have been marked as Inactive Card and also set a Termination Date:
  • Tick the Inactive Card box under Card File > Employee > Staff Member’s profile:
  • Enter a Termination Date under the Payroll Details tab:

2. All staff have a mobile phone number and/or email address: you can use staff phone numbers and/or emails to send out their Tanda Passcode as well as the roster in Tanda, so it’s worth having it in MYOB now so it can just import automatically.

3. Your company file is Online: you have uploaded your file to the cloud, so it is Online. In the bottom right corner, it should look like this:

If your file isn't Online, just click the box to upload it, or speak with a Bookkeeper/Accountant. Should you not want to unpload your file, you can import your staff as you would with MYOB AccountRight Desktop

Syncing staff with MYOB AccountRight Live

In Tanda, go to Workforce > Staff:

On the right, click on + Add Staff:

In the pop-up window select Import from > select MYOB AccountRight Live.

If you have already connected MYOB to your Tanda account previously, you'll be able to confirm this is the correct file to import from. If it is just click on MYOB:

Otherwise, you'll be directed to the Payroll Integration screen. Select + New payroll integration > MYOB AccountRight Live:

Next, you'll see a pop-up window to login to MYOB. Enter your Email and Password that you would login to MYOB AccountRight Live with. Please note you will need to have Administrator level access to sync with Tanda.

Next, choose your MYOB business name, and enter the login details for your company file. Leave the password field blank if you do not have a password for your company file.

You’ll then be redirected back to Tanda, where you’ll see a progress indicator and once your staff have been imported you’ll see the list of them.

If there are any staff listed that you didn't want to import into Tanda, you can deselect them.

If you would like further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or 

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