The first step in setting up Tanda is to add your Locations & Teams. 

On the Dashboard, in the Setup Checklist, click Create teams or Workforce > Teams in the header:

Locations & Teams

Locations in Tanda are the physical locations of your business which allow you to easily roster and report within different areas. A Location houses the different Teams within your account, so you'll need to create one, even if you only have one Location. 

Teams reflect the areas your staff work in. Within Teams, you can add additional information to the Roster through Shift Details.

Examples of how a business might set this up:

  • A Restaurant with one location might have Location as Brisbane CBD and Teams as Kitchen and Front of House
  • A Childcare with multiple sites might have Locations as Brisbane North and Brisbane South, Teams as Nursery, Toddlers and Kindergarten and Shift Detail as Nominated Supervisor.

Add a Location

Click on + Add Location at the bottom of the page or the + Add button in the top right and select Location:

  • Give your Location a Name such as the name of the business, the city or the suburb. Just keep in mind, if you have more than one Location and staff are rostered to work at both, they will see this name on their Roster, so it is best to make it a recognised name. 
  • The Short code is an abbreviation of the Location Name used to easily identify it on the Roster. This will be automatically filled in, but can be changed by clicking in the field and updating. 
  • In the Address field, start typing and Google Maps will find the address, click to select the full address. This will be used for the Weather Forecast on the Roster:

At this point you can click Create New Location at the bottom to save, or you can click Show advanced options..., if you want to add specific Public Holidays and a Time Zone to this Location.

Location Advanced Options:

Under the Advanced Options, you can set location specific Public Holidays and a Time Zone. This is used to configure the settings if the Location is different from the default in the account.

Public Holiday setup
The default Public Holiday is set in the General Settings of your account. However if this Location is in a different Country, State or has specific Show Holidays, you can set it here:

  • To add more Public Holiday Dates, click the black + icon
  • To delete click the red cross
  • To apply a specific start and finish time, untick All day 

Time Zone setup

If you remember back to when you opened your account, you set the Time Zone in the sign-up process. This will apply account wide, so if this is incorrect, please contact Tanda Support on the details at the bottom for it to be updated.

If the Location is in a different Time Zone, apply it below so Rosters and Timesheets are correct. The Time Zone may already be populated, based on the Location Address. 

Once you have finished, just click Create New Location to save. To add another Location, back in the Teams page, click + Add and select Location:


To create a Team within a Location, click the green + Add button in the top right and select Team:

  • Location will automatically assign if you only have one Location, or just click the drop down to select which Location the Team sits under
  • Team Name: give your Team a name. Staff will see this on their Roster, so it's best to make it a Name they are familiar with.
  • Colour will automatically assign, so just click on the button to change colour. This colour will show on the Roster both in your Tanda account and to staff.
  • Staff and Managers: click to assign Staff and Team Managers to this Team. If you haven't added your staff yet, that's okay, you can go through this in the next Get Started step:

At this point you can click Add New Team at the bottom to save, or you can click Show advanced options..., if you want to add Payroll Cost Tracking, Qualifications and Shift Details.

Team Advanced Options:

Payroll cost tracking: allows you to set job or cost tracking from your Payroll & Accounting system to this Team in Tanda for reporting. For information on how to set this up have a look at the Payroll Cost or Job Tracking article:

Qualifications: add Qualifications that staff must hold in order to work in this Team. For information on how to set this up have a look at the Qualifications article. 

Shift Details: allows you to add an extra level of detail in the Roster, by placing staff into roles or tasks in their shifts. This could be Manager, Shift Supervisor or Cashier. To add a new shift detail, type in the box and hit enter on your keyboard or click the black + icon.

This will be sent out to staff with the Roster. 

Once you've finished, just click Add New Team to save. To add another Team, back in the Teams page, click + Add and select Team.

Should you need to come back to add or edit in the future, Locations & Teams are located under Workforce > Teams:

Next in the Setup Checklist, we'll have a look at how to import staff or add manually.

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