If you use Jobs in MYOB as part of your business, Tanda can send this information to MYOB with timesheets. Tanda does this by creating your Jobs as Teams and then tagging this on the timesheet so when you export to MYOB, the information is sent over.

Firstly you need to ensure you have Jobs setup in MYOB. This article from MYOB might be useful to have a read of first to ensure you have set it up correctly.

The way this works in Tanda, is that you connect each of your teams to a MYOB job code, so that hours worked in a particular team will be linked towards this Job. The first step will be to set which the Payroll Cost Tracking Code (Job Code). Do this by navigating to Staff > Team Setup. Choose which team you would like to associate with a Job in MYOB and click into this team.

Once you are in the Edit Team view, you will need to click on Show advanced options… at the bottom of the page. Once this has been opened, you will see Payroll Cost Tracking. This is where you will set the Job Code to match that of MYOB.

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