MYOB AccountRight Live (MYOB ARL) is a live cloud-based payroll system. Being a cloud-based system, it has an API which allows MYOB and Tanda to talk to each other. This is fantastic as it means Tanda can pull and push data from MYOB ARL automatically.

Before Tanda and MYOB can start syncing automatically, are are a number of steps you need to complete both in systems. This is to ensure everything is linked up correctly so this automatic syncing of timesheet data can occur.

This article details how each aspect of the MYOB ARL integration works, and what you need to do before you export your timesheets for the first time.

✅ Payroll Integration Checklist Overview

  1. Link your MYOB ACL account with Tanda
  2. Ensure staff exist both in Tanda and MYOB
  3. Link award rules
  4. Link allowances
  5. Link leave types
  6. Link Job Codes (optional)
  7. Enable Timesheet Component in MYOB
  8. Remove Standard Pay in MYOB (Employees not using Timesheets)

1. Link your MYOB ARL account with Tanda

It is more than likely that you connected your MYOB ARL account with Tanda when you imported your staff.  Check your integration and ensure it appears as shown below without any warnings. You can do this on the payroll integration page.

2. Ensure staff exist in both Tanda and MYOB ACR

Existing staff

Ensure staff exist both in Tanda and MYOB before exporting your timesheets. Given you would have imported your staff directly from MYOB when starting your account, staff should already match up correctly. Just make sure the Employee details in Tanda match the Employee Cards in MYOB.

Adding staff

If staff have been added to Tanda or MYOB since the initial import, they must exist in both systems before exporting. We suggest you add new staff in MYOB and sync them across to Tanda (this will happen automatically every hour).

Configure employees

Make sure your employees are configured in MYOB for applicable Payroll Categories. 

3. Link award rules

I'm on a managed award template in Tanda

If you're on a managed award template, when you navigate to Compliance HQ you will see it listed like this: 

Before you can export successfully, you need to allow Tanda to create a set of Pay Categories for the award template in your MYOB account. 

How to create Payroll Categories from your MYOB account

  1. Navigate to the award templates page here
  2. Click manage award
  3. Scroll down to the payroll integration section and click the green syncing button as pictured below.

This is a mandatory step. You must do this before you can export any timesheet to MYOB otherwise timesheet rates won't have the correct Payroll Categories to map to.

I'm on a custom setup or have some custom award rules

If you have custom rules in your Tanda account, whether that be an entire custom award or a few custom rules, you need to make sure they are linked correctly with your MYOB ACR account.

If you have custom award rules you'll see them listed in Compliance HQ:

As these rules are custom, and seperate from our managed award you must ensure each rule is linked with a Payroll Category in MYOB. This won't happen automatically like the rules included in our templates.

In Award Rules, click into each award and scroll down to the very bottom. You'll see a section called 'Link to your payroll system'.

If you've already set up your integration with MYOB (see step 1) you should be able to a list of pay categories that have been pulled directly from MYOB in the drop down. If you can't see the drop down it means Step 1 hasn't been completed.

From the dropdown list you need to select the Payroll Category that will be attached to the rule. You can either create new Payroll Categories in MYOB to match the rule, or you can use an existing Payroll Category - just make sure the multiplier is correct.

For example, if you've created a custom rule to pay staff on Saturdays at the rate of 1.5x, make sure the Payroll Category has the same 1.5x multiplier, and applies to the same staff specified in Tanda.

4. Link Allowances

I'm on a managed award template in Tanda

A set of allowances will be included in your award template. They get created automatically when you sync your Payroll Categories (see step 3). If you don't need any custom allowances, that's it!

I'm on a custom setup or have some custom allowances

If you've created custom allowances, they will need to be linked with a Payroll Category. Navigate to allowances, click into an allowance, then open Step 2, Link to your payroll system. Under Export name you'll see a list of Payroll Categories from your MYOB account. Just like you did for award rules, you'll need to link your allowances to a Payroll Category.

You can either create new Payroll Categories in MYOB to match the allowance, or you can use an existing Payroll Category - just make sure the multiplier is correct.

5. Link Leave Types

Delete and add new leave types

When you first created your Tanda account a list of generic leave types are added to your account. They should look like this:

If there are any leave types that you don't need, you can go ahead and deleted them, and create any additional leave types that you require.

Map Leave Types to MYOB

You'll need to map your leave types to Leave Payroll Categories in MYOB.  First navigate to the leave types page in Tanda, then click into each leave type, and choose the appropriate export name from the dropdown. 

If you have Leave Loading as a second category you can add it in the second dropdown.

Read this article for more information on Leave and Entitlements in MYOB ACR 

6. Link Job Codes (optional)

If you are using MYOB Job Codes, you can link them to Tanda under Workforce > Teams.

This this article for more information on MYOB Job Codes

7. Enable Timesheet Preferences in MYOB 

Tanda talks to MYOB through Timesheets. Before exporting your timesheets from Tanda, enable Timesheets in MYOB under Setup > Preferences. Select 'I use timesheets for [Payroll] and my week starts on [Day].'

8. Remove Standard Pay in MYOB (Employees not using Timesheets)

Standard Pay is a feature in MYOB useful for staff who are paid the same amount each pay period (i.e Salaried staff). If you have Standard Pay and send across a timesheet, hours from the timesheet and hours from Standard pay will be added together. For staff you're exporting timesheets for, you'll want to remove Standard Pay in relevant Employee Cards under Payroll Details > Standard Pay, ensuring Hours equal 0.

That's it! Now you're all set for your first payroll export. 🎉

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