Managers and Staff can be invited to login to My Tanda if they need to perform a function within Tanda or view additional information.

For Managers, they might need to create Rosters, approve Timesheets and Leave. For staff, it might be best to direct them to using the Employee App, however My Tanda can be used if the staff need to view the entire roster, not just their individual shifts. 

To invite a user to Tanda, click on their name to go into their profile under Workforce > Staff:

If you haven't added them yet, just click on Add Staff on the right hand side and select the option for adding them. Have a look at our Add Staff  article if you need further help on this. 

Email Address

The employee will need to have an email address in the Email field, so if they don't have one just add it now:


If you're enabling login access for Staff, you'll need to ensure you place a tick in the Enable Tanda login under Permissions to the right of their profile.

If you're enabling access for a Manager or other permission level user, this will automatically enable when you add their Permission and click Update Employee Details and the profile refreshes. Have a look at this article on the different permission types if you're not sure:

If you've added an Email Address or added Permissions just make sure to click Update Employee Details at the bottom to save. When the page refreshes, you'll see an Invite to Tanda button appear. 

Click on this button to trigger the invite to be sent out to the employee:

This is the email the employee will receive:

Until the employee accepts the invitation, a Send another invitation button will display. You can use this to send another email if the employee deleted the original before accepting:

If you need to send the employee their Passcode, you will just need to click the blue envelope next to their Passcode in their Profile. You can check out this article on sending Passcodes for more information. 

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