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Company Setup

Configure your company's default details, including bank details, lodgement reference, and default accounts

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Accessing company details

To access and configure your company details, navigate to Payroll > Config > Company Setup.

Adding ABA file details

An ABA file will be populated with details entered on the Company Setup page. Add your business’ details to the following fields:

  • BSB: 6 digit number used to identify a specific branch of an Australian bank.

  • Account Number: An 8 - 9 digit number provided by your bank

  • Business Name: to appear as the remitter in the ABA file

  • Financial Institution Code: 3 digit code representing your bank (e.g. CBA, WBC)

  • AP CA User ID: 6 digit number identifying individuals approved by banks to use direct entry payments

  • Lodgement Reference: The comment shown on the transaction in the bank for your business and your employees.

  • Self-balancing transaction line: Most banks require an additional self-balancing transaction added to the end of the ABA file. Check with your financial institution to determine whether this is something that you need.

Learn more in the ABA File help guide.

Configuring default accounts

Assign the default accounts to be used when producing your payroll journal.

Learn how to setup team-specific wage expense accounts here.

Once the accounts have been configured, use the Update button to save the changes.

Adding tracking categories

If you don't split wages by team to different wage expense accounts, you can set up tracking categories to enable better reporting on your payroll journal.

Learn more about adding Tracking Categories in the full help guide.

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