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Learn how to access ABA files to pay your staff

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What is an ABA file?

An ABA file is a standardised type of file accepted by Australian banks.

Employers will generally pay their staff by downloading an ABA file from their payroll system (i.e. Tanda) and uploading it into their Internet Banking system. The final step in the process is to authorise the payment.

An ABA file used for paying staff contains the following information:

  • Bank details for the business that you are paying staff from

  • BSB and account numbers for staff that you are paying

  • The net pay that each employee is to be paid

Configuring your ABA file

Configuration of your ABA file is done in the Company Setup.

How do I download an ABA file from Tanda Payroll?

Once a Pay Run has been posted, an ABA file will be available for download on the summary page.

How do I upload an ABA file to my bank?

Depending on which financial institution you’re with, the ABA file uploading process will be slightly different. Linked below are instructions from the major banks on how to upload these files.


My ABA failed to upload to my Internet Banking

There are a couple of things that may cause an error when uploading your ABA file to your Internet Banking System:

  • Check your file name for parentheses (round brackets) - This commonly happens when you download your ABA file more than once as your computer will add a number to the end of the file name. i.e "tanda20230201(1).aba". Simply remove any parentheses from your file name.

  • Ensure that your file type is still .aba - This may get changed if you open your ABA file after downloading it to your computer.

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