When circumstances around an employee's working conditions change, have them review and agree to these changes through the app!

This help guide covers:

To create and send contracts during the Onboarding process, read the Onboarding Contracts guide.

Accessing employment condition contracts

To create or access employment condition contracts, navigate to the Contracts tab in an employee's profile.

Under this tab, you'll find:

  • Contract History - view all contracts that have been sent to this employee and their status, including Onboarding Contracts

  • Send Contract - choose which contract you're sending to an employee and add additional adjustments where necessary

  • Manage Templates - create new employment condition templates, manage, or delete existing ones

Creating an employment condition contract

To create a new employment condition contract template, navigate to the Manage Templates tab and select the green + New Contract Template button.

Clicking this button will take you to the Template Editor screen, where you can name the contract and format the contents of it, as well as add Magic Fields to the template.

Once you've added all the content to your template, ensure you save it with the Save Contract Template button.

Magic Fields

Magic Fields allow you to customise contract details based on key information entered in an employee's profile, including:

  • Employee Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Date of Birth

  • Award template

  • Employment type

  • Classification

  • Allowances

  • Hourly Rate or Salary

  • Employment start date

  • Regular hours of work

These fields are automatically populated by the information added to each of your employee's profiles, meaning you won't need to adjust the wording when sending the contract to different employees.

Important: Contracts containing a Magic Field can only be sent to employees with data against the corresponding field in their profile.

For example, if an employee does not have an Annual Salary on their profile, any contract templates that contain {{salary}} cannot be sent to them.

Adding an image

Images can be added to a contract template by copying and pasting them into the text editor. Captions can also be added to clarify the context of the image.


You may use these contract templates to communicate successful bids for promotion, and outline updates to their employment conditions.

Use the Preview Mode to see how the Contract will be populated for this employee.

Sending an employment condition contract

Once you've finalised the contract template, you can send it to your staff.

Navigate to the Send Contract tab on an employee's profile and select the contract template you want to send. Once selected, a preview will generate - use this to confirm all the details of the contract are correct.

If you have any additional details to include for individual employees, use the Additional Amendments box at the bottom of the page.

When you've finalised the contract, use the green Send button to share it with your employee.

How employees receive employment condition contracts

After an employment condition contract has been sent, employees will receive an email notification alerting them to the pending contract. Selecting View contract will navigate them to the mobile app where they can review and accept the contract.

Employees can review and sign contracts via the mobile app through their Profile > Contracts.

Contracts pending acceptance will also be flagged on the Home page of the app.

Viewing contracts after an employee has accepted them

To check if an employee has signed a contract, or confirm what contracts have been sent, navigate to the Contract History tab in the Contracts section of an employee profile.

If an employee has received Onboarding Contracts, these will also appear in their Contract History.

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