Simplify the onboarding process even further by creating Contract Templates to be sent and acknowledged when completing onboarding.

This help guide covers:

To create and send contracts after an employee has been onboarded, or if they've been added manually, read the Employment Conditions Contract guide.

Accessing Onboarding Contracts

To access existing Onboarding Contract templates, or to create a new one, navigate to the Onboarding Contracts tab under Workforce > Employee Onboarding.

On this page, you can view all existing Onboarding Contract templates including their names, when they were created, and when they were last updated. Use the Delete, Duplicate, or View/Edit buttons to make any changes required.

You can also create a new template on this page.

Creating a new Onboarding Contract template

To create a new Onboarding Contract template, navigate to Workforce > Employee Onboarding > Onboarding Contracts and click the green + New Template button.

Clicking this button will take you to the Template Editor screen, where you can name the contract and format the contents of the contracts and add Magic Fields and Custom Magic Fields to the template.

Magic Fields

Magic Fields allow you to customise contract details based on key information about the recipient, including:

  • Employee Name

  • Employee Email

  • Employee Phone Number

  • Location Address

These fields are automatically populated by the information you add when onboarding an employee, meaning you won't need to adjust the wording when onboarding each individual employee.

Custom Magic Fields

A Custom Magic Field can be added to your template to easily add extra details when sending to specific employees.

These are most useful for contracts which are repurposed and require small adjustments per employee such as a conditions of employment contract, without needing to create a whole new template for different scenarios.

You can use these to enter any fields you'd like, such as:

  • Job positions

  • Employment type

  • Minimum weekly hours

  • Whether an employee is salaried or paid an hourly rate

  • What their salary/hourly rate is

Unlike the regular Magic Fields, formatting of Custom Fields is not as important, and so as long as the field is enclosed by two curly braces {{ }}, you'll be able to use any wording in contracts.

For example, using {{job_position}}, {{job position}}, and {{job.position}} in a contract will generate three different custom magic fields to enter information against.

Adding an image

Images can be added to a contract template by copying and pasting them into the text editor. Captions can also be added to clarify the context of the image. Please note the image need to be hosted online and cannot be copied directly from your device.


The {{name}} field will automatically generate based on the information entered when onboarding.

The red Custom Magic Fields will require specific information when the contract is being sent

Sending an Onboarding Contract

Once you've created an Onboarding Contract template, include it when onboarding your new staff.

Under Workforce > Employee Onboarding, fill out the onboarding form as normal, and select any Contracts you'd like to attach.

Once you've made your selection, click the green Review Contracts button.

Reviewing Contracts before sending them

Use the Review Contracts feature to check the final contract being sent to the employee.

If a contract includes any Custom Magic Fields, you'll be required to review the contract to enter the specific details.

If a contract includes regular Magic Fields, they'll be populated based on what you've entered in the onboarding form.

In the example below, the employee's name has automatically been entered, and the role, employment type, minimum weekly hours, whether they are salaried or paid hourly, and what their cost is will need to be entered.

If more than one contract is being included, scroll between them with the Previous or Next buttons.

Once finalised, ensure you've saved the adjustments and click the Finish button and send the onboarding invitation as normal.

Viewing Contracts after an employee completes onboarding

To view a contract after an employee has been onboarded, navigate to the employee's profile and select the Contracts tab on the left side of the page.

Under the Contract History tab, you can view the:

  • Name

  • Date it was sent

  • Contract type (onboarding or profile contract)

  • Status (whether it's been signed or not)


What does an Onboarding Contract look like from an Employee's perspective?

Contracts will appear as a new tab in the Onboarding form as Contracts to Review.

Each contract will have the Custom Magic Fields entered as you specify with a tickbox acknowledgment.

Can an employee view an Onboarding Contract after they've signed it?

Yes, employees can access any contracts they've agreed to through the mobile app through their Profile > Contracts. Staff can toggle between Pending and Signed contracts.

Can I send contracts to employees when they weren't onboarded?

You can also create and send contract templates to employees through their profiles as Employment Condition Contracts. These are different to Onboarding Contract templates, but allow for more Magic Fields that automatically populate. Learn more about these contracts here.

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